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Practice Spelling Words

10 Ways to Teach Sight Words for Literacy Station and Guided Reading Group Activities

Kindergarten activities to teach Sight Words. Great for literacy stations, centers, daily 5, or guided reading groups.

Helps kids understand the difference between city, state, country etc.

"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

This simple project with help teach kids geography and increase their global awareness as they begin to grasp their city, state, country, and continent.

Kindergarten Yahtzee - This game is so funny to see how excited the kids get. All they have to do is roll 2 dice and cross out the sum. They keep going until they have crossed out all of the numbers. They learn the hard way how hard it is to roll a 2 or a 12!

Shari Sloane - Educational Consultant - Shari Sloane - Educational Consultant provides books, art, curriculum resources and ideas for kindergarten teachers.

Rainbow writing salt tray + lots of rainbow-themed literacy ideas

Rainbow themed literacy activities - NurtureStore

Rainbow themed literacy activities and free printables - part of a complete rainbow-themed unit.

Beginning Sound Scoops! Great way to practice beginning sounds (phonics)!

Beginning Sound Scoops!

Teaching Beginning Sounds is one of the very first steps in learning how to read. I take this task very seriously and try my best to make it FUN! When a

Number Order

Blooming with Teens

Students practice putting teen numbers 12-19 in order while building a picture of a plant. Students cut apart strips and then place numbers in order, gluing the completed picture on another piece of paper. This can be done in small groups, independent activity, or as a center. My students loved...

CALM DOWN CORNER: School & Home Behavior Management Coping Tool Mindfulness Kit

CREATE A TRAUMA INFORMED CLASSROOM with over 20 INTERACTIVE PEACE CORNER TOOLSThe Calm Corner Toolbox invites students to use self-regulation coping skills and calming strategies when they are feeling upset, sad, impulsive, distracted or worried in class or at home. Help foster a mindfulness-based ...

Where do I live with free printable

Where Do I Live Printable Activity

Kids will have fun while learning Where do I Live with this printable activity perfect for Expanding Horizons with Prek, Kindergarten, and 1st graders.

Water cycle craft --- a water cycle lantern by Robin Sellers  ciclo del agua

Water Cycle Wind Sock Craft for Weather Science Fun

Water Cycle Craft -- This is a unique way to display and teach your students about the water cycle. Students will create a water cycle wind sock (just add streamers) or a water cycle lantern during your next weather science lesson. There are additional labels you can add that include the terms condensation, evaporation, precipitation, and collection. You can find this new product in my teaching resources store {HERE}.

Stem Challenge| Building with Gum Drops LOVE this science activity for Christmas. Awesome for anytime of the year too!

Building Structures with Candy Gumdrops

Stem Challenge| Building with Gum Drops LOVE this science activity for Christmas. Awesome for anytime of the year too!