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Muscle body

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Inervation of the brachial plexus – popular images - Chiropractic Therapy Human Body Anatomy, Human Anatomy And Physiology, Muscle Anatomy, Spine Health, Medical Anatomy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy Student, Massage Therapy, Plexus Products

Dermatomes Upper Limb

Dermatomes: A dermatome is an area of skin which is chiefly supplied by a single spinal nerve. There are 8 cervical nerves (C1 denoting an anomaly with no dermatome), 12 thoracic nerves(T1-T12), 5 lumbar nerves(L1-L5) and 5 sacral nerves(S1-S5). Each of these nerves relays sensation (including pain) from a particular region of skin to the […]

Do you or does someone you know have knee pain? The first step to relieving knee pain is knowing EXACTLY where your pain is! Anterior (front) posterior (back) lateral (outside) and medial (inside) knee pain are the four most common areas of knee injuri Mcl Injury, Baker's Cyst, Knee Pain Exercises, Knee Physical Therapy Exercises, Physical Exercise, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, It Band Stretches, Physical Therapy Student, Hip Flexor Exercises

Types of Knee Pain: Anterior, Posterior, Medial & Lateral Knee Pain

Experiencing knee pain? Find out about the different types of knee pain and how they can be treated.

Nerve Function Chart : ' Many things can impair your nervous system and interfere with its function. When there is no interference, your nervous system controls the healthy function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body. Fitness Hacks, Fitness Workouts, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Center, Chiropractic Benefits, Chiropractic Adjustment

Basics of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is the natural treatment and prevention of any common health issues from allergies to vision problems through adjustment of the spine which helps the nervous system function properly. Adjusting the spine allows the chiropractor to...

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Visualise Memorise Suceed! Helping medics to learn & pass exams. Topics: Anatomy; Differentials; Syndromes; Signs & Symptoms; Trauma. Doctors Nurses, Paramedics

Chiropractic, Back Pain, and the Nerve System – A Philosophy of Health Spinal Nerve, Spine Health, Medical Anatomy, Spinal Cord Injury, Spinal Cord Anatomy, Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Center, Chiropractic Office, Anatomy And Physiology

Chiropractic, Back Pain, and the Nerve System – A Philosophy of Health

Patients and the public often think of Chiropractic as a “back pain” thing. Not so. The first Chiropractic patient was deaf and had no back pain. After being adjusted his hearing return…

Human Movement Science Functional Anatomy of the: Rotatores, Interspinales and Intertransversarii Muscle Anatomy, Body Anatomy, Spine Health, Muscular System, Medical Anatomy, Human Anatomy And Physiology, Back Muscles, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy

Rotatores, Interspinales and Intertransversarii

Integrated functional anatomy of the transversospinalis muscles - Attachments, neural innervation, palpation, course, actions, integrated function, arthrokinematics, fascial integration, behavior in postural dysfunction, clinical implications, triggerpoint referral pattern and interventions.

 A common manifestation of stress is that we hunch our shoulders which shortens this muscle. To do this stretch pretend you are smelling your armpit (you can apply extra force using your hand but you want it to Sport Fitness, Health Fitness, Health Exercise, Exercise Meme, Scapula, Bad Posture, Massage Techniques, Anatomy And Physiology, Neck Pain


Although the culture and rules in college athletics have changed in the last 100 years, effective recruiting has always separated the most successful programs from the rest.

Prevalence of Gluteus Medius Weakness with Nonspecific Low Back Pain Brent Brookbush Muscle Anatomy, Body Anatomy, Fitness Workouts, Cardio Gym, Muscle Imbalance, Gluteus Medius, Spine Health, Back Pain Exercises, Scoliosis Exercises

Prevalence of Gluteus Medius Weakness with Nonspecific Low Back Pain

This 2015 study by U.S. researchers demonstrates that chronic non-specific LBP was most strongly correlated with ipsilateral gluteus medius weakness and gluteal tenderness, and also correlated with ipsilateral erector and trochantric tenderness and greater strength of the contralateral tensor fascia latae.

Intuitive Bodywork provides expert Massage Therapy & Bodywork in and around New Cumberland and Harrisburg, PA. We offer massage therapy for pain relief, stress management, wellness care and women's health. Qi Gong, Trigger Point Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Massage Tips, Massage Therapy, Foot Massage, Tmj Massage, Massage Body, Neck Massage


The little-known back pain cure discovered by John F. Kennedy's DOCTOR

Many people suffer from muscle knots that can produce pain locally or in a referral pattern to another spot on the body away from the actual site of the muscle knot. These hard spots in the mus Massage Tips, Massage Techniques, Massage Therapy, Massage Benefits, Foot Massage, Remedial Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Anatomy, Neck Pain

What is a Trigger Point and Why it Causes Pain

Many people suffer from “muscle knots” that can produce pain locally or in a referral pattern to another spot on the body away from the actual site of the “muscle knot”. These hard spots in the mus…

Herniated circles at times oblige surgery and can as a not exactly reliable guideline be asymptomatic (massiveness the patient does not experience torment or detectable evidences). Cervical Disc, Back Surgery, Spinal Stenosis, Spine Health, Medical Anatomy, Sciatica Pain, Sciatica Symptoms, Medical Information, Anatomy And Physiology

PIlonidal Abscess Infection Los Angeles | Pilonidal Cyst MD

At our center, expert Los Angeles colorectal doctors provide treatment for pilonidal cysts and abscesses, also known as sacrococcygeal fistulas. Call today!