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How to divide fractions; just make sure you explain how dividing and multiplying by the reciprocal are the same thing!

What Does It Mean To Divide Fractions?

What does it mean to divide a fraction by a fraction? This is a great starting point for beginning a unit about dividing fractions. The reason why is because it encourages students to understand concepts first and learn procedures for solving math problems second. (To access task cards that teach and review this concept, scroll to the bottom of this blog post.) Using a question and diagrams as a starting point will help students better understand and identify word problems that involve the…

These free pizza fraction printables are a great way to have fun and learn about equivalent fractions.

Free Pizza Fraction Printable Activities: Equivalent Fractions

These fun pizza fraction printable activities will add some fun into learning about equivalent fractions. Print and go in less than five minutes.

Strategy for teaching division along with more helpful tips for teachers!

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Literacy & Math Ideas: Dividing Fractions: Going Beyond Procedures and Learning for Deep Understanding

Dividing Fractions: Going Beyond Procedures and Learning for Deep Understanding

Having a firm understanding of what a math concept means is just as important if not more than knowing the steps that should be followed in order to solve a math problem. By drawing step-by-step diagrams in math that show the progression of how numbers or fractional parts change, students are better able to understand math concepts. Let us look at an example. Megan read 3/5 of her book in 6 days. If she read the same number of pages each day, what fraction of the book did she read each day?…

This is a hands on activity that will get the students involved in using division. The big hula hoops allow students to really visualize what is going on as they are dividing.

Introducing Division, Computational Strategies

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Great post about dividing fractions!

Visual Models for the Division of Fractions

This summer I attended a workshop called Visual Models for the Division of Fractions. Moving up to 5th grade next year, there's a lot I ne...

Dividing Fractions: You're Teaching It Wrong - 6 concrete recommendations to improve your practice and help students completely understand why, when and how to divide fractions.

Dividing Fractions: You're Teaching It Wrong - 6, NOW 7! Essential Elements

UPDATED DECEMBER 8, 2016: Shout out & props to my 6th Grade Student "Leo' for bringing this up! Leo and I were discussing the problem 5 ÷ 1 1/2. As we worked together, we came up with 2 solutions, both of which were correct! Read the new section I added and make sure you show this to your stud...

Math Coach's Corner: Fractions with Unequal Partitions. Students work with unequally partitioned shapes in this free SMART Notebook activity to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of equal parts when naming fractions.

Fractions with Unequal Partitions - Math Coach's Corner

Do your students understand the basic idea that fractions must have EQUAL parts? Check out this lesson for building understanding.

How to Divide Fractions #mathematics #math #school

How to Divide Fractions by Fractions

How to Divide Fractions #mathematics #math #school

Dividing Fractions - 5th Grade Common Core


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fraction anchor chart - equal & unequal parts


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2 games for teaching fractions. Game 1: Shape Sort- sorting equal and unequal parts. Game 2: Perfect Partitions- sorting halves and quarters. (G.1.3) $

Shape Fractions Sorting Game- 1.G.1.3

Featured in this listing are two sorting games to practice the common core standard 1.G.1.3 for partitioning shapes. The games also make a great review option for second graders. The first game is called "Shape Sort." The object is to sort the shapes based on equal or unequal parts into the corresp...