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Milano, MI  ·  I'm a Graphic Designer and Art Director. I take inspiration from graphic, infographic, typography, cinema, art, design, life, hystory...
Vincenzo Petito
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Design -> Test -> Repeat by Vincenzo Petito

Design -> Test -> Repeat by Vincenzo Petito

Shapr - Sketch Plugin by Vincenzo Petito

Every designer loves how fast is working with Sketch to create UI. And if you, like me, love working using almost only the keyboard (you have memorized all the shortcut available, and maybe created.

Poof/App by Gale P

Hello, dribbble Healthier,Happier Safer Pets Poof,the pet approved activity tracker

Weather by Yao Liu

Conceptual weather app screens as a part of the Conceptual Mobile OS project

Roomie - Color Picker by Ionut Zamfir

via Muzli. “Color Picker — Design Inspiration” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

User Profile (Animated) by Alex

Some fun with prototyping. The app allows a user to post a collection of short videos that tell a story - essentially a vlog.

Dropbox Audio Player Concept by Sam Giambalvo

Dropbox Audio Player Concept by Sam Giambalvo

Day09 Free Load For A Meal by shuishouge

Daily UI It's a free-load for a meal app. This is a Cengfan app, through a variety of chat using the tools of data real-time search information, if you find you two friends will also go to a .

Messaging by Ritesh Malviya

Working on a social messaging sections, thought to share with dribblers :)

Volume Control - Day88/100 My UI/UX Free SketchApp Challenge by Serhiy Semenov

Day Welcome to my 100 days/hour UI/UX mobile application design training in SketchApp. I will spend exactly one hour every day in order to draw and publish one mobile application page in SketchApp.

VK Fest by Ilya Grishin

VK Fest app got a really massive update. Now you can arrange your own schedule for Fest easier than ever before. The app is available on iOS and Android .

Trym app 1.1 for macOS by Artem Nosenko

Trym is a beautiful small app for macOS to help you view, optimize and convert SVG icons.

Dashboard - My Tasks by Christian Vizcarra Cabrera

Dashboard - My Tasks by Christian Vizcarra Cabrera

Music Player Concept Design by Hareesh

Concept for the music player project, which connects user's music with bars.