Fiori a colori

Collection by Marcella


Fiori gialli, rossi, arancioni e in tutte le gradazioni delle piante descritte nel mio blog Verdeinsiemeweb

 Courtenay-Latimer, G. Batten, The Flowering Plants of the Tsitsikamma Forest and Coastal National Park (National Parks Board, Botanical Flowers, Botanical Prints, Orchid Tree, Planting Flowers, Flowering Plants, Plant Species, Botany, Landscape Art, Graphic Illustration


What I have seen, liked, loved, what amazed me, what I want to see again, with at times, work from my studio.... PS: I block all sexual profiles that follow me !

Calendula sp. Calendula, Flowers

Calendula sp.

Jasminum kedahense, un gelsomino chiamato Mario Plants, Plant, Planting, Planets

Jasminum kedahense

Leptospermum scoparium I Love, Green, Flowers

Leptospermum scoparium

Calendula officinalis Calendula, Flowers

Calendula officinalis

Montanoa bipinnatidida o albero delle margherite

Montanoa bipinnatidida o albero delle margherite

Plumeria stenopetala

Plumeria stenopetala

Oxalis pes-caprae Green

Oxalis pes-caprae

Amaryllis belladonna Botanical Art

Amaryllis belladonna