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an image of a tree that has been planted in the ground with words below it
UGREEN – Cursos, Projetos e Consultoria em Sustentabilidade
the diagram shows how to build a garden bed for an outdoor space with plants growing in it
Integrated Urban Bioswale Components | Economies of Swale | SymbioticCity | Landscape design, Landsc
Nov 25, 2017 - The sections above illustrate the basic components and functioning of the drain system integrated urban bioswale. The principle structure is a reinforced concrete channel that
the front and back side of a house with steps leading up to it in spanish
Victor Gordeeff | Arquiteto (@victorgordeeff) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram
an architectural drawing shows the steps leading up to a house
Detalhamento escada externa
three concrete benches sitting in the middle of a dirt field next to a brick building
Außentreppe zum Garten
Betonplatten Maße 1,20 m x1,20 m x 7,5 cm
the foundation for a house being built with wooden boards and steel bars on it's sides
Cantilevered Stair Tread Details
two wooden frames sitting on top of dirt
Cantilevered Stair Tread Details
a brochure with two pictures of people working on the street
Cantilevered Stair Tread Details
a brochure with the text grace top - cast on it and an image of a
Cantilevered Stair Tread Details
three concrete steps are covered with snow in front of a red door and black building
Cantilevered Stair Tread Details
some metal sheets are laying on the ground
Cantilevered Stair Tread Details