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Pitigliano (Grosseto), Tuscany, Italy

#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Regional

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"Penso che TUTTOFOOD 2017 sia un punto di partenza per il cibo italiano e non. Attraverso il cibo raccontiamo la storia di tanti piccoli produttori... raccontiamo la storia del nostro Paese". Chef Bruno Barbieri
Food is always there #TUTTOFOOD2017
Make your wish! #TUTTOFOOD2017


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In 2016, biscuits and snacks played the biggest roles in the Italian breakfast industry's turnover. Jam and honey was respectively the first and second product in consumption: in fact, consumption increased by 6% and 5%.
Salty snacks, chips and more, this is all you can find at #TUTTOBAKERY
Fresh baked bread... 🍁🍁

#TuttoFood2017 | TUTTOBAKERY

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#TuttoFood 2017 | Spazio Nutrizione

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Secondo il recente studio Iri, presentato in occasione del convegno "La filiera alimentare dopo Expo", i nuovi stili alimentari degli italiani e la maggior informazione a loro disposizione hanno determinato l'aumento in valore di nuovi prodotti come l'integrale e il bio.
Sono sempre più numerosi gli italiani che si affidano al web non solo per la ricerca di informazioni ma anche per l'acquisto di prodotti. Il motivo? Perchè più comodo ed economico.
Bio-products market is costantly growing. According to "The World of Organic Agriculture" published by Fibl and Ifoam, it has quintupled since 2000. On the basis of Ismea study, in Italy it reached 2.1 billions euro in 2014.


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Whether you prefer them classic or gourmet, these juicy babies are impossible to resist :P
#TUTTOFOOD2017 was a perfect food showcase, not just for Italian products, but international ones as well. Argentinian representatives had the following to say: "We have appreciated the organisation, content, and events. TUTTOFOOD provided Argentina with a unique possibility to present itself not only as the world’s granary, but also as the world’s supermarket. Among the various products we showcased, we have Malbec red wine and the famous mate."
Researchers of University of Nevada discovered a virus, not dangerous for people, that kills bacterial cells reducing upt o 90% salmonella's risk


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Also Divella has chosen TUTTOFOOD to show its product to the world. Book your stand now http://bit.ly/1VGGNlI
Americans love rigatoni! The report "Think with Google" shows how search interest in rigatoni became to rise again in 2015 with a growth of 26% from January 2015 to January 2016.   #TUTTOFOOD2017 #TUTTOMULTI #alimentare #food #foodexhibition #foodfair #pasta #lovepasta #freshpasta #italianfood #makingpasta #italianpasta #welovepasta #foodiegram #instafood #instafoodie#foodiegram #rigatoni


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Dried fruit, high in nutritive value, is perfect as snack! #TUTTOGROCERY
Herbs and spices are an absolute mainstay on the kitchen shelves of any serious cook. Wouldn't you agree?
Agromonte is passion for good things!

#tuttofood2017 | TUTTOGROCERY

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Dinner menu ideas, anyone? ;)
Fresh and colorful seafood #TUTTOFOOD2017 #TUTTOSEAFOOD
Fresh or packaged, at #TUTTOSEAFOOD you will find the best products.


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Amaretto Lazzaroni matches perfectly with cakes and ice-creams. Drink it cold, on the rocks!
According to what has been declared by Zenith International, the problem of children obesity and the consequent move away from sugary drinks could have a positive effect on bottled water sales. What do you think about it?
#TUTTODRINK is TUTTOFOOD's area dedicate to drinks: water, coffe, energy drinks and even more. Amarcord, born in 1997 in Rimini at the beginning of the Italian beer Reinassance, will be one of the ehibitors.

#TuttoFood2017 | TUTTODRINK

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Pizza and wine. Has there ever been a better pairing? This helpful guide to the best pizza and wine pairings is sure to come in handy on Wine Wednesdays, Pizza Fridays, or any day of the week!

TUTTOFOOD 2017 | #FoodTips

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Colorful liquorice and candies #TUTTOFOOD2017 #TUTTOSWEET
If you want to join #TUTTOSWEET, be part of #TUTTOFOOD2017
Here is one of the most famous deliciousness of Belgian cuisine: waffles!

#TUTTOFOOD2017 | TuttoSweet

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Fruit&Veg Innovation will be an opportunity to promote a healthier way of life.
Would you like to know the latest trend in fruit and vegetables market? Come to Fruit&Veg Innovation
So beautiful that you want to eat them now! 😋

#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Fruit&Veg Innovation

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These are last days of summer. Here is a selection of the perfect beach snacks!
Not like we needed an excuse to celebrate Italian food, but starting today till the 26th of November, Italian cuisine will be the star of a myriad of exciting events organised in occasion of The Extraordinary Italian Taste. Which dish do you reckon best represents Italy?
Bet you didn't know that ramen had to be slurped down in 8 minutes flat, did you? That's exactly the amount of time it takes for these handmade noodles to overcook in their broth and lose their springiness. Itadakimasu!

#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Cuisine

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#tuttofood2017 #tuttodairy #cheese #cheeselover
Cheese 101! Tips for cooking and serving all types of cheese.
Burrata alla menta di Murgella. #TUTTOFOOD2017


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Tired of the same old spaghetti and penne noodles? Next time you are craving…
Trevisan risotto: a perfect recipe for them cold November days!
Rice: despite its global citizenship in being the most popular and widely-eaten cereal in the world, when it comes to the risotto it is 100% Italian. What's your favourite risotto recipe?


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"Wine Discovery" is just one of the novelties of the next edition. Thanks to the partnership between Fiera Milano and Verona Fiere, #TUTTOFOOD2017 will be a great opportunity for all the wine industry thanks to promotional and training activities.
Taste all wine's secrets at #WineDiscovery, the area dedicated to the wine-making companies and born with the collaboration with Vinitaly.

#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Wine Discovery

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Hai un blog che parla di cucina? Diventa ambassador di #TUTTOFOOD2017 e cogli l'occasione di raccontare la fiera vista con i tuoi occhi. Se sei interessato/a scrivici in un messaggio provato.
Hai un blog e una grande passione per il mondo del food? Allora non perdere l'occasione di diventare la reporter speciale della prossima edizione di TUTTOFOOD. Se sei interessato/a scrivici in un messaggio privato!
Cogli l'occasione di incontrare le più grandi aziende nazionali e internazionali del food&beverage partecipando come food blogger a #TUTTOFOOD2017. Se hai un blog di cucina e una grande passione per il cibo, potresti essere la persona perfetta! Scrivici in un messaggio privato

#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Food Blogger

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I migliori bartender italiani ed internazionali e i loro cocktail più famosi | TUTTOFOOD
Food photography, the tricks and the secrets to take the perfect shoot | TUTTOFOOD

#TUTTOFOOD2017 | iFood

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#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Cheese for People Awards

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#TUTTOFOOD2017 | International

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Week&Food is just around the corner! Check out its agenda and all the amazing events that will enliven the city of Milan.

#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Week&Food

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#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Retail Plaza

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#TUTTOFOOD2017 | Buyers Lounge

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