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fyeahswords: “ The zhanmadao (Chinese: 斬馬刀; literally “horse chopping saber”) was a single-bladed anti-cavalry Chinese sword. It is especially common during the Song Dynasty. Chinese Weapons, Chinese Armor, Samurai Armor, Swords And Daggers, Ancient China, Chinese Culture, Outdoor Survival, Martial Arts, Old Things

The zhanmadao is a sabre with a single long broad blade, and a long handle suitable for two-handed use. It was used as an anti-cavalry weapon. This is mentioned in the "Wu Jing Zong Yao" a Song Military Manual from 1072. It featured prominently against the Jin armies in campaigns between 1129 and 1141. Surviving examples had a wrapped handle 37 centimetres long making it easy to grip with two hands. The blade was 114 centimetres long and very straight with a slight curve in the last half.

A blade made for a human or elf but with a clear orcish influence

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Medieval Torture? 3000 Hours, 1 Handmade Chain Mail Rug

Some would call it slave labor, others a labor of love, but the result has a strength and durability to match the remarkable amount of time spent putting it together, link by link. If it sounds shockingly archaic, just remember: part of craft is the act of making - the finished product, for many ...

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Il existe un Chine un certains nombres d'armes dites "traditionnelles", dont la création a été favorisée par plusieurs siècles de guerre et de révoltes successi