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Show some personality

Wall art to make your bedroom pop

April 17, 2021
If you feel like your room is missing something, chances are that the answer lies on the wall. Empty walls make a room seem less whole and quiet. Even something as small as a certificate can bring life to them. However, you can do better than a certificate by hanging art that speaks to the person you are, whether it’s fine art pieces or pictures of people and places you love the most.


Pictures say a thousand words, and there are thousands of ways to decorate with them as well. Get a large-print version of your favorite photograph to hang over your bed or come up with a theme for a collage of pictures from your own personal collection. Instant photos are fantastic to decorate with as they can be placed however you see fit, from photo garland to a shape of your choice whether it’s a heart, a star or anything in between.

Say it with words

What do you want your bedroom to say? Typography mixes art and text to create pieces that really speak to the viewer. Pick out a favorite quote or words of motivation to jumpstart your day. Abstract letters can come together to form a piece of art that’s fun and exciting. Perhaps there’s a chart or affirmations that move you enough to hang on the wall. The possibilities stretch beyond the imagination, and if the typography print doesn’t already exist, it’s easy to make your own.

Pop art

Pop art is not quiet art whatsoever. Taking nods from pop culture, it can be anywhere from incredibly poignant to supremely sassy, whichever fits your style. Pop art features elements from ads, music, film, comic books and other mass media, giving it a wide range of options for you to put up in your bedroom. Also, it’s DIY-friendly. Get inspired by your personal favorites to add a piece of YOU to the pop culture bubble.


Quick and easy-to-hang, tapestries are essentially fabric that’s used on the wall or furniture to decorate. Many feature mandalas, but there are also nature-inspired prints, macrame, landscapes and more. If you’re looking for a way to make a wall more interesting to look at, a tapestry just might be your best friend. They’re able to cover a lot of space in a small amount of time, leaving you with the rest of the day to admire your work.


Posters are an affordable method of decorating walls on a budget, and they go beyond Hollywood blockbusters and musical heartthrobs. Nowadays, posters feature fine art, typography and more; making them a versatile option for your bedroom decor needs. Frame posters to elevate the display or put posters of various sizes near each other to create an intricate wall collage of your favorite pieces.


Vintage photos and art can decoratively transform something old into something new. Old Hollywood stills and posters have an air of glitz and glamour of days gone by that can effectively set a daydreaming mood to your bedroom. Prints of popular vintage art can add color to a space with a little touch of history. It’s also possible to make a piece that’s new look vintage with good old fashioned crafting techniques. So, if kicking it old school is right up your alley, get creative and go back in time with your home decor.


Creating your own wall art will give you a sense of creative fulfillment and pride. It can be as simple as picking up paint and canvas to design your own art, or you can follow along with a tutorial for a piece that’s handmade. Aside from paint, other options include embroidery, paper crafts, macrame, garland, prints and so much more. Take inspiration from your daily life, see what speaks to you, and be your own fine artist.


Textured art seems to add movement wherever it goes, so why not in your bedroom. The combination of soft bed sheets, smooth walls, sharp edges of furniture and the smooth (or jagged) lines of textured wall art create an attractive dynamic when they’re all together, making your bedroom look new from every angle.