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Relaxation and illumination

Bedroom lamps to light your room with style

February 12, 2020
Light up your bedroom with lamps that illuminate your spirit of inspiration. So often lamps are seen only for what they do and not what they could be, but they should not be ruled out when it comes to your decor. Bedrooms aren’t only where you sleep, but they’re where you feel the most comfortable, and how you brighten the space is an integral element that contributes to what makes it feel the most like home.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps don’t get the shine they deserve for lighting bedroom spaces. Lamps on the nightstand are convenient for obvious reasons, like the ability to simply reach over and turn them on or off when it’s time to sleep, but tall bedroom lamps are a great substitute when you don’t want to use the main overhead lighting. Whether you’re spending the day in bed with books or getting some spring cleaning out of the way, you can light it up in style with a sky-high lamp that gives the glowful effect you’re looking for.

Minimal design

Some lamps say less while doing so much more. Simple lamps may seem to only serve the purpose of lighting a space, but they’re also good for tying together a room effortlessly. An exposed lightbulb can be an attractive piece in the right space and a lamp that doesn’t have a lot going on outside of a shade and base can be trendy with the right color combination. Thinking small can result in big design points.

Classically neutral

Brown, black, and white tend to add sophistication wherever they go. Classic by nature, neutrals never go out of style, working in any color palette you choose. Consider dark lamps in light spaces and vice versa to create a stand-out contrast or match light with light and dark with dark to give a complimentary vibe to your bedroom decor.

Bold and colorful

Colorful bedroom lamps are a wonderful way to show off your personality. Is your favorite color vibrant and loud? Find a bedroom lamp in the shade and use it as an accent piece. If you’re looking for ways to include decor in your bedroom layout that brightens it in more ways than one, a colorful lamp accomplishes the task by far.


Lamps that are a single hue from top to bottom can shed some light on your personal aesthetic. If you’re aiming for a color story, find a lamp that fits in. Monochrome lighting adds a touch of elegance to your room design, giving a cohesively sleek appearance to your bedroom decor.

Hiding in plain sight

There are lamps that look like one thing, but function as another. From Himalayan salt lamps to minimalist corner lights, bedroom lamps can be inconspicuous while getting the job done. Neon lamps in different shapes are also a fun way to bring colorful style and vacation energy to where you get the most rest.


To save space, especially for smaller bedrooms, a wall-hanging lamp is the way to go. They’re also great for decorating as you can arrange them however you like. Create a pattern, or stagger them throughout the room to light it up in a way that fashionably you.

Reading lamps

Tired of trying to read in bed and shifting around to find the light? The best reading lamps come to you, not the other way around. An arched light that can hang over the bed is most ideal for an attractive and multipurpose option or you can do it old school (and less home decor-worthy) and grab a light that clips directly on your book.

Night lights

Though it won’t cast the entire room in a glow, night lights keep the pitch dark away — at least until you fall asleep. Once devices that would stay lit until they were unplugged in the morning, some modern night lights have built-in timers that will turn them off hands-free.

Throwing shade

Bedroom lighting isn’t all about the bulb, it’s what’s covering it, too. Lamp shades are a fun way to change up your style without buying a brand new light fixture. Find a base that you like that can be used with interchangeable lampshades, then go wild. There are even many tutorials out there on how to DIY your lampshade to make it truly original.