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Tastes like chicken

8 chicken recipes for a hearty dinner

February 15, 2020
There are so many flavorful ways to incorporate chicken into a meal. It could even be the star of a dish. Fried, grilled or baked, chicken is a versatile meal that fits a wide variety of recipes that end up as delicious dishes on the dinner table. Whether you’re a well-trained cook or just starting out, there are methods of preparing chicken in a meal that suits any skill level. You don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen to know how to make a great chicken dinner; however, having a recipe to work from certainly takes the guessing out of it. Here are some fantastic chicken recipes to try out for your next meal at home.

Chicken pot pie

Warm and savory chicken pot pie is a classic comfort food. There are many versions of chicken pot pie recipes, so finding one to suit your taste shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Hearty vegetables mix with flavorful cuts of chicken and seasonings for a filling meal for everyone to enjoy. Spins on chicken pot pie recipes include biscuits, casseroles and even chicken pot pie stew.

Chicken and pasta

Chicken and pasta can come in many forms. Chicken penne, chicken tetrazzini, fettuccine alfredo and pesto pasta to name a few. Chicken and pasta go hand-in-hand, and there are so many flavorful recipes for a variety of palates. Even if a recipe doesn’t specifically call for it, chicken is complementary to many different pastas so adding it in as an extra burst of texture and flavor is a tasty way to spruce up a dish you already love.

Korean fried chicken

When it comes to fried chicken recipes, many debate which is the best, but Koren fried chicken is undoubtedly one at the top of the list. Double-fried and crispy for a satisfying crunch, the chicken can be mild, sweet, and spicy in flavors like soy garlic, honey and spicy garlic.

Chicken tortilla soup

Tortilla soup is a cozy and zesty traditional dish in Mexican cuisine. Filled with pieces of fried tortilla, beans and corn, it’s typically made with a tomato-based broth that’s seasoned with onion, garlic, peppers and other spices. As you can see, it’s easy to imagine that chicken would be a natural addition to this rich combination of flavors. Kick it up a notch with avocado, sprinkles of cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

Baked chicken

It doesn’t get much easier than baked chicken, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Spice up your baked chicken with recipes that use different flavors. Garlic butter, cheddar ranch, cheesy broccoli-stuffed, french onion and lemon are only a handful of the amount of flavor combinations you can season chicken with to bake in the oven. The only thing better than the tasty scents that will be wafting through your kitchen is the moment when you take your first bite.


Also called “dakjjim”, jjimdak is a dish in Korean cuisine that features braised chicken, glass noodles and vegetables. “Jjim” refers to the stewed dishes, and “dak” means chicken. It’s savory and slightly sweet, and usually prepared with a whole chicken in most traditional recipes. Because it’s quick and easy to make, the meal is a favorite in many Korean restaurants.

Chicken parmesan

When someone mentions a chicken dinner, is chicken parmesan one of the first come to mind? It’s earned a spot as one of the go-to chicken recipes for its flavor and ease; but did you know there's more than one way to parmesan your chicken? The standard recipe features tomato sauce and cheese; however, you can also make a creamy variation with lemon and garlic or turn it into a casserole.

Chicken skewers

It doesn’t get much easier than food on a stick. Chicken skewers can be customized to fit your taste, even the most common chicken recipes can be converted to a transportable treat. They are a staple in many different cuisines, and chances are if you’ve eaten barbecue, you’ve probably had a skewer or two as part of the spread. Experiment with flavors and ingredients, and you just might discover a new chicken skewer recipe you had yet to try out.