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Happy Earth Day, USANA!!! At USANA, our goal is to help you live the life that you love – both by making better personal choices for your health and by living in a healthier world. The two main ways that USANA helps preserve the earth we live on are: 1. Reducing our carbon footprint 2. Ensuring more efficient energy use on the USANA campus

rawveganhealth: “ There are so many little things we can do on a daily basis to help Mother Nature. Recycle, buy local produce, take shorter showers, incorporate meatless meals, turn of lights and.

Make Earth Day Every Day - 20 Ways to Conserve + surprising studies on plant-based diets and the environment!

Happy earth day everyone! Remember everyday is earth day, you shouldn't pick up garbage on earth day and then throw it on the ground the next day! Keep earth clean :)

Fringe / Andrew Kramer

Fringe opening credits- until the end of the second season I didn't notice that they change with each dramatic universe change!