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In a High Performance Garden compost is one of the key ingredients to keeping your garden well fed in a way that is in harmony with nature. Let's explore the world of organic compost!

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How to compost like a boss! :) --> If you are a NEWBIE to composting, here's a helpful graphic of How To Compost The Farm, Farm Gardens, Outdoor Gardens, Veggie Gardens, Organic Gardening, Gardening Tips, Organic Compost, Vegetable Gardening, Composting 101

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Get Your Compost Bins Ready Because We're Gonna Teach You How To Make A Proper Compost Pile. How To Compost Broken Down In An Easy To Follow Graphic.

When people ask me for gardening tips my first piece of advice to them is start with the soil! Good Soil = Happy Plants (Pin links to compost advice) 3 pts carbon : nitrogen Garden Compost, Garden Soil, Lawn And Garden, Vegetable Garden, Easy Garden, Gardening For Beginners, Gardening Tips, Flower Gardening, Composting 101

Composting Basics | How To Get Started With Composting | Moms Need To Know ™

Composting is nature’s way of taking waste and turning it into nutrient-rich soil that makes a great amendment to your garden soil (especially if you are square foot gardening) or mixed into a potting soil. One of the misconceptions and why more people don’t compost more is that they are worried about the smell or...Read More »

Is your compost ready to go into the garden? This simple overnight test will tell you! Garden Compost, Gardening, Organic Compost, Simple, Crafts, Life, Manualidades, Lawn And Garden, Handmade Crafts

Is your compost ready to go into the garden? This simple overnight test will tell you!

HPG Training video will show you our simple garden compost test that will help you to know how thickly you can apply your compost in your garden. Organic Compost, Garden Compost, How To Find Out, Simple

How much compost should you use in your garden? Use this at home test to find out!

Food waste is a massive problem and composting is a great way to fix it! Is Organic Food Better, Food Ethics, Organic Compost, Garden Compost, Food Waste, Earth Day, Organic Recipes, No Cook Meals, I Foods

Food waste is a massive problem. Here’s how you can fix it.

Nearly one-third of produce, grains, meat, and packaged foods produced across the globe gets tossed out. Food waste is a sizable — but solvable — problem.

Watch the bacteria in compost tea under a microscope! Organic Compost, Compost Tea, Garden Compost, Organic Gardening, Things Under A Microscope, Vines, Watch, Clock, Bracelet Watch


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