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a person holding two black chopsticks with green frosting on them
Wasabi macarons - you'll make it
a hand holding two green macaroons next to a large leaf on a plant
Wasabi macarons - you'll make it
macaroons and leaves on a marble surface
Wasabi macarons - you'll make it
six snowmen decorated cookies on a plate
Snowman Macarons with Eggnog Buttercream Filling
some macaroons are sitting next to a spoon
Jasmine Apricot Macarons | Now, Forager | Teresa Floyd Photography
macaroons with blue and white icing are arranged in a circle on a table
♥ Mademoiselle Rose ♥
Macarons | The Fifth Watches // Minimal meets classic design:
a white frosted snowman sitting on top of a table next to other decorations
Christmas Red Velvet Snow Cake
Snowmen Macarons (Ignore the red velvet cake, ew ew ew)
some cookies are sitting on top of bamboo sticks in the water with lily pads around them
Pierre herme les jardins
a white plate topped with desserts on top of a table
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blood orange and coconut macarons and the first snowdrops
four different colored ice cream cones in the shape of an eiffel tower on a black background
Modernist Cuisine's Guide to Cooking with Xanthan Gum
Modernist Cuisine's Guide to Cooking with Xanthan Gum. if you're ever in Aston, come visit for waffles, shakes and gelato!
macaroons and biscuits on a plate with spoons next to them, along with baby's breath flowers
Earl Grey Cassis Macarons
... earl grey cassis macarons ...
some white flowers and yellow cookies on top of each other
Accueil | Pierre Hermé Paris
Jardin Subtil [Citrus fruits, Espelette chili pepper & lemon] | Pierre Hermé, Paris
several different colored pastries on a white surface next to a vase with flowers in it
NameBright - Coming Soon
... natalie eng photography ...
a blue bowl filled with macaroons on top of a white cloth covered table
Macarons lavande
Lavender: Gorgeously hued, sweetly fragrant #Lavender Macarons.