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a collage of photos showing different teeth on a sticker next to a parking meter
Dental advertising lettting people know how good they're at fixing teeth
Showing that the companies coffee is always hot Street Art, Budapest, Industrial, Layout, Inspiration, Guerrilla, Commercial, Design, Street Marketing
Showing that the companies coffee is always hot
a billboard with stacks of money on it
Guerilla Marketing by 3M Security Glass
SEcurity glass that has a million dollars in it and is giving it away if a person can get in the case
two pictures of people looking at the same person's reflection in their glasses, and then seeing what they are doing
This is positive because it shows how good the glasses are
there are many seats with electronic clocks on them
Facebook Hangers From C&A Brasil - Fashion Tech - Shopping by Likes
these hangers from brazil tell the customer how many "likes" the garmet hanging on them has on facebook
there are several signs on the wall to indicate where people can walk and not go
99 Brilliantly Clever Print Ads
Makes people want to buy it so it will attract the opposite sex
someone holding up two pictures with the same person's face
Creative Yoga and Fitness Advertising
Yoga One's clever business card that will make people want to do yoga
a poster with the words hit the road, not the wall and a person running
This is a good ad because it telling the customers that their shoes will help you get past your breaking point "Wall" and will get you in shape.
an advertisement for seriously good sauce with the words we're made seriously juicy on it
This is a positive ad because it shows that's Heinz Ketchup uses real tomatoes which makes their product better than the competitions ketchup. Also ketchup is part of a niche market.