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an advertisement for the sony vita game system
PS Vita came out a few months ago
two hands holding up a nintendo wii game system to show the logo on it's screen
Wii-U new tech coming out this year
a woman is talking on her cell phone while in the back seat of a car
Surprising Breakthroughs in Auto Technology
Camera with phones built in
a person holding up a newspaper in their hand
Design You Trust
Top 10 New Tech Gadgets 2012. electric news paper
a cell phone is in the shape of a toilet paper holder that looks like an iphone
old school+new tech
a woman wearing google glasses looking to the side
Google: Here's What Our Sci-Fi Glasses Look Like
Google Glasses
the interior of a vehicle with two large screens on it's wall, and an entertainment center in the back
Error page
Tv inside of a car
a man sitting at a desk pointing to the screen
404 not found
Electronic desk
a toaster with a slice of bread in it
New toaster!
an iphone is shown with the text, iphone 5 prototype revealed in this image from apple's official website
Technograte - Technology, Gadgets and Business Insights
The new iPhone 5