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two pictures of the same character in different poses
MariaLogsdon Top Share
Showing how P90x fixed the pilsbury dough boy
a man laying on top of a giant soccer ball in the middle of a road
soccer goalie marketing billboard
Advertising because of the Euro 2012
a young man sitting on top of a bench next to a red kitkat sign
The 80 best guerrilla marketing ideas i've ever seen - Blog of Francesco Mugnai
Looks like the Kit Kat Bar so it will make people go buy a KitKat Bar
a man sitting on the back of a yellow car in front of a busy city street
In relation to the show to advertise for the Sopranos
an advertisement on the side of a building shows a man pulling up a poster with his face
Clever use of electrical wires to adverstise
two pictures of a bus with shark teeth painted on it
Tops in Transport - Top 10 Funniest and Most Brilliant Bus Ads
Creative because it looks like the shark is eating you..
a small car is parked on the side of the street
NameBright - Coming Soon
This ad is creative becaue
the shadow of a lego dinosaur on a green background
This ad is creative for Lego because with your mind you can create anything. This is also a niche market because people has tried to duplicate what Lego did but can never catch up
four different shots of the same person brushing their teeth with toothpaste on them
99 Brilliantly Clever Print Ads
This ad is creative because the target market is for people that bite their nails. So this is a bag for a product helps stop biting nails.
two bags of bird feed are attached to a machine
99 Brilliantly Clever Print Ads
This ad is creative because it causes the people that were outside smoking to throw their finished cigarettes into the lungs to represent how bad it is for you