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an info sheet showing the different types of boats
Letting people know social advertising really works
a woman in a bra is seen through a magnifying glass while standing next to a door
99 Brilliantly Clever Print Ads
Creative Advertising making people open their door expecting to see her and get an ad for a magazine
two computer keyboards sitting next to each other on a white surface with the letters c and d
Clever advertising by Saatchi & Saatchi, letting people undo their skin and make it look younger
a man walking down a street next to a black and white camera on the ground
24 Unforgettable Advertisements
Canon advertisement letting people know how good they're camera and lenses are
a collage of photos showing different teeth on a sticker next to a parking meter
Dental advertising letting people know about their dental centre
Letting people know how hot their coffee is Budapest, Industrial, Layout, Inspiration
Letting people know how hot their coffee is
two pictures of people standing on the sidewalk near an empty bottle and another photo of a man walking down the street
Letting people know office products are now sold at the FedEx site
a billboard with stacks of money on it
Guerilla Marketing by 3M Security Glass
Security Glass that holds a million dollars if a person can break it can keep the money.
an image of a pregnant woman with the words pregnant on her belly in front of a blue background
Jouw dagelijkse bron voor inspiratie! -
Advertisment: iPregnant Durex attracts interest by using the Apple
two pictures of people looking at the same person's reflection in their glasses, and then seeing what they are doing
This is awareness because it shows how good the glasses are
there are many seats with electronic clocks on them
Facebook Hangers From C&A Brasil - Fashion Tech - Shopping by Likes
these hangers from brazil tell the customer how many "likes" the garmet hanging on them has on facebook