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an ornate clock tower stands in front of a brick building with iron fencing around it
Verona Arche Scaligere
Verona Arche Scaligere | Tomb of Cansignorio della Scala in the courtyard of the church of Santa Maria Antica in Verona, Italy. The tomb dates from 1375. It was designed by Bonino da Campione, and has sculptures portraying warrior saints, Gospel characters, the Virtues and the Apostles, and the big equestrian statue of Cansignorio.
a clock tower is seen through an opening in the building's roof structure, with blue sky and clouds above it
Verona - Palazzo della Ragione e Torre dei Lamberti
Verona - Palazzo della Ragione e Torre dei Lamberti . Italy| Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings
4 Days In Verona, Italy
Verona is easily one of the most under-rated cities in Italy! I've said it over and over again but I keep repeating it because it's sooo true. We think of Italy and Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast and
an aerial view of a city with bridges and buildings in the foreground, surrounded by trees
Historical Verona
Historical Verona | by Paul 'Tuna' Turner
an arch in the middle of a brick street
Location: Verona - Italy Photo Credit: @nicola_bertolini Chosen by: @toinou1375 Hashtag your photos with: #italy_vacations Visit our other sister pages: | by
an old building with statues in front of it and buildings behind the fenced off area
Verona: Arche Scaligeri
The Scaliger Tombs (Italian: Arche scaligere) is a group of five Gothic funerary monuments celebrating the Scaliger family, who ruled in Verona from the 13th to the late 14th century. The tombs are placed within a wrought iron enclosure decorated with a stair motif, in reference to the Italian meaning of the name of the family, della Scala.
an aerial view of some buildings and umbrellas
Beautiful Verona from above 🇮🇹
people are walking on the street in front of an archway
Verona - Cristina Radermacher Urlaub Blog
Verona - #Verona
an alleyway with stone buildings and steps leading up to the top one that has green shutters on both sides
Best Travel Tips For Italy
Italy Cities To Visit
a tall clock tower towering over a city next to an open air market filled with tables and umbrellas
an old brick building with arches and pillars on the street in front of other buildings
Verona, Italy
the city is surrounded by trees and water
A Quick Guide to Verona, Italy - Petite Suitcase
Quick Guide to Verona
the view from an old brick window looking down at a river and cityscape