Feelings chart

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Sylvia Pejerrey
12 emotions included with this pack including word flashcards

Make a face activities - ELSA Support Emotions for children

This Make a face resources has 12 different sets of eyes and mouths and a set of emotions vocabulary flash cards. Help children to learn about emotions.


Communicrate worksheets

The Children's Involvement Team (Sheffield City Council) work with children and young people in Sheffield to give them a voice on issues that affect them and their communities!


Play Dough Portraits

I love seeing a child's self portrait, & the way in which they see themselves. Minnie has drawn & painted a self portrait before, but this was the first time she's created one using play dough! I set out this selection of materials that could be used to represent facial features, hair, etc, & added our homemade play dough. We looked in a mirror together & talked about our faces, & Minnie named her facial features as we chatted. We looked at the differences & similarities in each others…

Teach your students (or children) feeling words to increase their emotional intelligence

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

UPDATE: Want more? Check out this blog post, too. This feelings wheel rules! As Lil O gets older, I need to step up my "game" in helping her build resiliency and emotional intelligence. If you can't remember what that's all about, you can start here with the Marshmallow post. Or, you if haven't used HALTED, consider using it. It is a personal favorite of mine. I think all humans (age 8 and older) should understand how to HALT themselves. I HALT myself all the time. In efforts to step up my…

English worksheets: Feelings worksheets

Feelings worksheets

A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach Feelings, shared by English language teachers.

Feelings - quiz worksheet - iSLCollective.com - Free ESL worksheets

Feelings - quiz

A quiz to practise feelings and emotions. B&W version included. Hope you like it. Have a great weekend mada :) - ESL worksheets

Descriptive Writing: The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups  Sensory descriptive word chart for kids to make

Descriptive Writing: The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups

The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups is a book of secret files that have been hidden from kids for thousands of years. This book has the knowledge never before held by America's youth and through this book they learn the real reasons grown-ups tell you to do things! By using this book, students create ...

Emotional Control | Strategies for ADHD Kids

The Sad Truth About Tantrum Triggers

Your child's outbursts are not random. Her tantrums often follow on the heels of a mistake that triggers feelings of failure or frustration. These emotional-control strategies can help.

Feeling words

Writers Workshop POSTER: Adding DETAILS using FEELING WORDS.

You are receiving two 8 1/2 X 11 sheets titled: I Can Use Feeling Words to Add Detail to My Story! 1 is a color copy 1 is a blackline The colored copy can be ENLARGED into a POSTER for the classroom. The (matching) blackline can be printed off as a "student tool sheet" and added to students writ...