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the cover of matter magazine, featuring an image of a man standing in front of a wall
Eggplant Stick - Texture detail
a red tiled wall with two white knobs on the left and right hand side
Matter | Massimo Nadalini An ode to craftsmanship.
a wooden table with some bowls and cups on it next to a brown brick wall
Every detail of the Matter collection conveys an authentic story of shapes, textures and colours. A concept by Massimo Nadalini
a black and white photo with the words matter written on it's side wall
Grey Blue Stick - Texture detail
a person sitting on the ground with their feet up
“Matter is a microcosm in which surfaces and glazes meet to transmit to us a feeling of age-old warmth” Massimo Nadalini
a white bench sitting on top of a tiled floor
Matter transforms craftsmanship into a timeless visual experience.
a close up of a white toilet bowl
With Matter, ceramics rediscovers its authentic essence, thanks to a tactile interpretation that explores material with boundless plasticity, richness and warmth. A concept by Massimo Nadalini
a white tiled wall with the words matter written on it
Mosaico Plaster - Mosaic detail
an image of wood texture background
Track Dove - Texture detail
a white chair sitting next to a table with a clock on the wall
MATTER | A precious combination of glazes and surfaces. A concept by Massimo Nadalini
a bathroom with brown tiles on the wall
“Imperfection was sought through the production of a series of plaster casts aimed at achieving harmony in the relationship between the different colours and textures” Massimo Nadalini
the color palette for mattter's fall / winter 2013 collection, which includes neutrals and browns
Matter’s main colors: Plaster, Rope, Leather. Matter’s stick colors: Grey Blue, Eggplant, Orange.
a table with two bottles on it in front of a black wall and flooring
From matter everything takes shape. Lights and shadows are reflected on rich and warm textures to reshape the original value of ceramics.
three white mugs are sitting on a shelf in front of a brown tiled wall
Matter Eggplant stick
Matter Eggplant stick. 7,5x30cm wall decor.
the word matter is written in black on a white background with an image of a person
Matter Rope
Matter Rope - Texture detail