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Choose between classic or modern style, and combine it with the various materials and colours available. Find your dream kitchen, in perfect harmony with you…
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The focus of the design therefore lies in the rhythmic and geometric pace which can also be found in other details, devised to enhance the original design.
Formalia, the kitchen where “design” finds its most concrete expression and becomes an icon of style with an undisputed personality
Formalia, the kitchen where “design” finds its most concrete expression and becomes an icon of style with an undisputed personality.


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The BoxLife collection gave rise to the Boxi kitchen, a concentration of style and functionality This composition with a peninsula features high-impact wall units in Stained Aluminium metal effect lacquered finish, combined with Titanium Grey matt lacquered base units. A kitchen setting that draws attention owing to its balanced composition and colours, thanks also to the beautiful Arabescato Stoneware top and wall panel.
A touch of attractive design represented by the Steel finish handles at the top of the door for the base units and built-in for the larder units


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Mustard Yellow matt lacquered wall units with slanted door, combined with Anthracite coloured metal open-fronted wall units, choices whose value is generously emphasised by the combination with the Wheat Oak veneered fnish of the composition.
The harmonious appeal of Mineral Green used for the recessed grip profiles, base units and plinths constitutes an extremely classy detail: this matt lacquered colour distinguishes the operational areas of the kitchen, and matches the textured feel of Calce Nero Porcelain Stoneware to perfection. The wall units and tall units are in Garden Walnut decorative melamine (with vertical grain)
Jaipur Red Fenix NTM® laminate - an extremely high-end matt material - distinguishes the 12 mm-thick worktop, the washing area with built-in sink basins and the doors of the wall-mounted composition to create an elemental, modern and highly functional style. The worktop on the island and cooking area is on the other hand in Coral Clay Quarz (20 mm thick), blending in seamlessly with the colours of this room.


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Kitchen detail
In this configuration too, the BoxLife furnishing collection stylishly provides a smart interior design solution: elegant Oak panels cleverly conceal the operating areas of this generouslysized living room area.
Maximum functionality for the living area: Friendly pull-out table and foldaway telescopic leg. Cori leather effect decorative melamine structure.


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The “Orizzonte” illuminated magnetic wall panel, together with the Set Up modular open-fronted structure, is an excellent ally to help you in the kitchen day-in day-out
The monochrome doors, profiles and recessed grip profiles is combined with the Kelya Dekton® top and the steel shelves to create a sophisticated technical touch for this neutral coloured DeLinea Flat compositon.
The brass finish is the leitmotv of this compositon: perfect match between the vertical flat recessed grip profiles of the larder unit, handle grip, shelves and H.7 cm plinth.


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The exclusive side handle detail - easy to grip like in a professional kitchen - proposed in a high-end brass finish, illuminates this compact wall-mounted Prestige white matt lacquered composition. The perfect blend of materials, along with the clear stopsol glass wall units, to create a practical, stylish space.
An hanging storage structure (with visible dish-rack) and professional extraction create new volumes. Compositional rigour, to respect your food preparation systems, washing, chopping and cooking, just like in a large, professional kitchen.
Pull-out worktop with hole for waste and knife rack. Steel and clear stopsol glass fronts for easy storage management, plus multi-functional appliances. Ready to get cooking?


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The simplicity of this offering highlights the ultra-trendy details: a new system of mirrors and Magneto accessories affording the utmost versatility. Open-fronted wall units also available with mirror wall panels, shelves, soap dishes, tumbler-holders and towel rails that are magnetic and can be positioned freely across the surface of the mirror.
Vertigo decorative melamine vanity units. Landscape Oak decorative melamine open-fronted elements. Vertigo laminate top with Plaza Ocritech® built-in washbasin.
Mineral Green matt lacquered vanity units. 1.2 cm thick Glacier White Corian top with Spring built-in washbasin. “Fluida” Wall System in Garden Walnut  Decorative Melamine.


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The accessorised wall panel of the “Setup” Anthracite coloured aluminium System are an original accompaniment for the wall units in White glossy lacquered finish. Functionality without foregoing the charm of cross-contamination between materials.
An interesting definition of spaces thanks to the “Fluida” Wall System, in the Seagull Grey decorative melamine finish, comprising an item of furniture that can be used either as a bookcase, a larder unit or a partition between adjoining rooms.
This generously-sized composition also showcases the distinguishing features of Sax: frame door in Artic Oak decorative melamine and Setup accessorised wall panel, that metallic touch that makes “tasks” around the kitchen’s operating stations comfortable.


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The wall-mounted living room solution, in Dove Grey matt lacquered finish, plays on the chromatic continuity with the Evolution kitchen, defining a harmonious dining area where the table and chairs liaise harmoniously with the adjoining space.
The Bianco Base Quarz table bench (4 cm thick), equipped with the Hold Up support, blends in harmoniously with this linear composition clad with Land Oak decorative melamine. An excellent chromatic balance with the white recessed grip profiles, plinths, open-fronted metal wall units.
A game of various-thickness Calypso Quarz: the beguiling H. 6 cm breakfast bench liaises with the H. 2 cm island top. The result is a welcoming, and at the same time truly special ambiance.


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Functionality and design every day.  Composition with peninsula, Concrete Jersey and Earth Grey decorative melamine doors and Soft Steel frame doors with Smoky Glass.
For those who love to stand out. Landscape Oak decorative melamine doors and Bronze frame doors with Ribbed Glass. Bronze Stock Rack System with Landscape Oak decorative melamine shelves.
Industrial luxury. Composition with island, Garden Walnut decorative melamine doors and Bronze frame doors with Ribbed Glass. Bronze Stock Rack SystemwWith Smoky Glass shelves.


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Class and warmth in the kitchen. The rhythm of this particular Carattere composition is paced by the cup handles in matt aged Silver finish, which match the Capri Ash finish of the kitchen.
Finishes that make your dreams come true. Composition in Cloud Pinstripe Ash veneered finish.
Wood that clads balance. Cotton Ash veneered doors and Flint Grey Decorative Melamine.


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Industrial design finds a new balance with this composition of Diesel Open Workshop in  Mineral Green matt lacquered doors and Bronze frame doors with Ribbed Glass.
Elements devised to complete the interior furnishings designed by Diesel Living + Scavolini.
The light weight and the wealth of details make this kitchen 100% Diesel yet concurrently a classic that can suit a multitude of tastes. Especially for those who have a strong personality and wish to express it throughout their home. The large island appears to be suspended above the floor and the large supports, in Soft Steel finish metal, form a frame around the structures and the doors with Ribbed Glass. Both the washing area and the hob have been fitted flush with the matt finish Motley Quar


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Carattere kitchen: class and warmth in the kitchen
Carattere kitchen: a contemporary classic
Carattere kitchen: The fragrance of country kitchens


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In the compact formation of this prestigious offering – Steel Grey granite for the worktops and Titanium Grey glossy lacquered fi nish for the base units, wall units, shelves and wall panels – the exclusive design of the steel finish table bench support stands out: to furnish the living area with character.
This is a kitchen where the classical soul makes a break for contemporary taste thanks to the Exclusiva hood: covered with panels in bevelled mirror, with Stopsol finish, the hood floods the Dove Grey glossy lacquered kitchen with class.
The glossy lacquered frame door featuring transparent glass with a diamond pattern, version without handle – provides perfect visibility of the contents and concurrently creates a scenic dimension for the room.


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Design, quality of materials and attention to detail.
The white painted metal wall lamps with an exclusive design, positioned near the work area, make up a play of light and shade that offers warm, intimate atmospheres within the kitchen. The coordinated plinths and recessed grip profiles are made of aluminium, the sole material acting as a counterpoint to the Kuuki Elm decorative melamine that dominates the composition.
The Cristalplant body of the hob, in an exclusive design, is a compact monobloc with a welcoming form, simply resting on the Hono Elm laminate top. In perfect harmony with the sink.


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Sink | Scavolini Kitchens | Design by Diesel | #InteriorDesign
Let’s live together! | #Diesel | #Scavolini | #Kitchens
Personality is conveyed through details | The drawer sides also carry the Diesel signature | #Kitchens


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#Design by #Scavolini
The room becomes a dining-room
Scavolini Kitchens | #Sink


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Base units, wall units and open units are in matt Iron Grey lacquer finish. An innovative island brings together the primary #kitchen functions; in fact, a new snack top, veneered in Vintage Oak wood, is integrated into the base of the island with doors, shaped drawers and pull-out baskets (in gloss Light Grey lacquer).
This composition with peninsula, “Melting” breakfast/snack top (Vintage Oak veneer) and a “Fluida” wall system characterized by open and closed front units: Selfmotion wall units and undermounted sink with mixer tap.
A gloss lacquer finish in Sun Yellow, chosen for this composition to set off the peninsula and back panels. Instead, Navajo Elm decorative melamine is used for the cupboard and Pure White melamine for the "Fluida" wall system structure.


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Modern features essential for the classical kitchen of today
Tough, roomy worktops, impeccably finished and fitted interiors (the drawers and pull-out baskets for the base units offer unexpected capabilities), high-tech hoods and new appliances combine easily with the kitchen’s traditional design and materials that underline a link to memory and a family feel.
Modern features essential for the classical kitchen of today


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Valuable materials and enchanting solutions evoke the refined custom of times past amidst perfect practicality
Black and Silver: unprecedented for a classy kitchen | A unique style to represent yourself in a space that is for true living in a mark of quality and  beauty
New classic for a contemporary home | #Scavolini


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Baccarat by Gianni Pareschi. Prestige pillar fronts and details.  #kitchen #Scavolini
Baccarat. A thrilling metropolitan  interior. Wax Red gloss lacquered and Dark Oak wood. For a very  striking composition that transforms the kitchen into a temple of taste, expressing style and personality.
Baccarat. Present perfect and new certainties. Furnished with medium-sized cupboards running around the island fitted with sink and hob, the kitchen becomes a room for every activity, functional as well as strikingly attractive.


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Modules, double modules and colour determine continuity in space that with Tetrix becomes synonymous with the new way of living inside the house
Style and colours favour formal rigour combined with maximum functionality
Modules, double modules and colour determine continuity in space that with Tetrix becomes synonymous with the new way of living inside the house


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Unprecedented aged bronze effect cup handles and a new cupboard with a rounded top profile make up the distinguishing elements of this industrial chic solution, which perfectly match the Tabula workshop-style console table. Shabby chic kitchen ideas.
Minimal composition that does not envisage the use of wall units. Linear and squared shapes convey a sense of practicality and functionality, like the use of modern high-tech materials (Noisette Porcelain Stoneware worktop) turns the kitchen into a highly organised and comfortable place. Shabby chic kitchen ideas.
Trendy high-tech details: a Downdraft hood, which disappears completely into the worktop, a cooking area comprising glass-ceramic modules and a sink integrated into the worktop. Comfort and styling appeal are in fact the key features of this Favilla configuration. Shabby chic kitchen ideas.


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A “classic” warm effect
The special graphic design of the model also affects the open-fronted larder unit with curved end unit fitted with glass shelves.
Curved base units and linear base units create an effective balance of components, volumes and proportions.


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