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some pink flowers are in a vase on a white background with the words, lotusantus flower tutorial
Lisianthus Flower Tutorial
Ever thought about learning sugar flower making techniques? There is never a better time to try out our Saracino Pasta Bouquet (Flower Paste). Nicky Lamprinou shows you how to make this simple yet stunning Lisianthus bouquet in a wonderful to follow step by step tutorial. Give it a go and who knows where your flower making journey will end. To view full tutorial with description visit our website
an easy sugar succulent is shown with the title
Easy succulent tutorial
Now this just looks like a real Succulent! Have a look at this tutorial from Calli and learn new techniques using our Pasta Bouquet. You won’t go back after you have used Saracino Pasta Bouquet <3 For full tutorial description visit our website
a vase filled with pink flowers on top of a purple background and the words parrott tulips
Sugar Parrot Tulip Tutorial
Have you tried the amazing Saracino Pasta Bouquet yet? We have designed it specifically for flower making and it is getting rave reviews from World renowned Sugar Flower Artists. Zlatina Lewis shows you how to make this stunning Parrot Tulip in a step by step guide. Give Pasta Bouquet a go and get creative with flowers! Don't forget to share as sharing is caring <3 For full description visit our website
a red flower with green leaves on it and the words hydrangea tutor written below
Have you ever tried making flowers? Have you tried Saracino Pasta Bouquet? Well now is the perfect time to have a go at this stunning Hydrangea. It looks so real! Katarzynka Sztuka Cukrowa shows you how in this simple step by step Tutorial. To view tutorial description visit our website
a flower is shown with the words fuchsia flower tutor
Fuchsia Flower Tutorial
Now who does not love a stunning Fuchsia Flower? Such a pretty garden flower! Need an excuse to try our Pasta Bouquet flower paste? For this week’s Free Tutorial the fabulous Zlatina Lewis shows you how to make a beautiful Fuchsia Flower in a superb easy to follow ‘step by step’ guide. For full description visit our website.
four pictures of a sunflower with the words, pasta bouquet flower pastee
Amazing Sunflowers Created Using Saracino Flower Paste - Pasta Bouquet
purple flowers are shown in three different pictures
Stunning colour <3
pink flowers are shown in four different pictures, including one large flower and the other small flower
Stunning Sugar Peonies...You Can Feel the Summer
four different pictures of flowers with the words papaa bouquet flower pastee
Beautiful Sugar Pappies
red roses with green leaves in the background and text overlay that reads, sugar red roses pasta bougnet flower paste
a white vase filled with pink flowers on top of a wooden table
Beautiful Tulips Created using Saracino Flower Paste - Pasta Bouquet