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Kawaii Ice Cupcake Toppers Tutorial
We love a bit of cute Kawaii here at Saracino But what is cuter than Kawaii in miniature? Especially ice cream Kawaii Sarah Bray shows you how to make these cupcake toppers in these easy to follow step by step tutorial. We hope you love them as much as we do ❤ For all images and full description visit our website.
three cupcakes sitting on top of each other with the title summer picnic cupcakes
☀️☀️ Saracino Weekly Tutorial ☀️☀️ Fancy creating cute cupcakes to take to the picnic with you? How about making these beauties? Perfect to surprise the kids(and the older ones may love them as well) Follow an easy step by step guide by Sara Bray and amaze everyone when you open your picnic hamper.