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Straws, shoelaces and fine motor skills in children. Create patterns while practicing fine-motor skills Straws, shoelaces and fine motor skills in children. Create patterns while practicing fine-motor skillsUse straws and shoelaces to work on fine motor s Motor Skills Activities, Gross Motor Skills, Sensory Activities, Preschool Activities, Fine Motor Activity, Fine Motor Activities For Kids, Activities For 2 Year Olds, Children Activities, Physical Activities

Drinking Straws, Shoelaces and Fine Motor Skills

Cut straws to make DIY counters ~ So many uses! I am thinking tens and ones…..

The Backwards Zorro method for finding fractions of a group. Teach the concept for understanding first, of course, but this little trick is a handy shortcut after students understand what it means to find fractions of a group. Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Math Tips, Division Activities, Fraction Activities, Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math

The Backwards Zorro

A teaching blog about Technology integration, classroom organization, lessons, reading, writing, and math, and classroom management.

Made It: Getting Bulletin Boards Started Thinking deeper about math. "The answer is ___." "What is the question?"Thinking deeper about math. "The answer is ___." "What is the question? Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Fourth Grade Math, Second Grade Math, Ninth Grade, Seventh Grade, Math Resources, Math Activities

Monday Made It: Getting Bulletin Boards Started! - The Teacher Studio

Thinking deeper about math. "The answer is ___." "What is the question?"

(I typed up directions and created my own game board in Excel.) Multiplication Game Board: THIS IS AMAZING! Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Math Tutor, Teaching Math, Math For Kids, Fun Math, Math Boards, Math School

Gaming the System.

Sometimes I lie to Ali. I say things like, “I’ve got a game for us to play today!!” When the truth is that I’m banging my brain against the inside of my skull trying to hurry up and concoct an idea to make school into a game while she asks repeatedly, “What?? What is the game??” Sometimes I

Growing Confidence--Helping Students Succeed with Math Facts.check out my post today with some tips regarding math facts, interventions, and helping students BELIEVE they can make progress! Adapt for multiplication. Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Classroom Resources, Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Teaching Tools, Math Fact Fluency


If you are like me, you have a number of students in your class that still don't know their math facts. They didn't know them last year. They didn't know them the year before. They think they are "bad at math" because of their inability to quickly retrieve these basic facts. Don't get me wrong--fact "fluency" is important...and it sure makes "big math" an awful lot easier! The key is that students maintain perspective on the role math facts play in the big picture--and once THEY know that…

Love this idea for completed units-math vocabulary cards. students still have access to vocabulary not currently focusing on. Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Monday Made It Vocabulary Instruction, Academic Vocabulary, Vocabulary Cards, Vocabulary Ideas, Math Vocabulary Wall, Vocabulary Bulletin Boards, Math Wall, Math Word Walls, Math Strategies

Monday Made It

I am excited to be linking up with 4th Grade Frolics again for Monday Made It! Of course my project is for school again! I actually made a couple other things, but they haven't been photographed yet. So stay tuned! I am super excited about my new math vocabulary display! I purchased a couple of yard sticks and some clothes pins. The clothes pins were spray pained and then glued on to the yard stick. They will hold the words we are currently working on. The words that we are not using are on…

Multiplication Tables Game- combines math and US geography - adapt for addition or subtraction? 4th Grade Social Studies, Teaching Social Studies, Teaching Math, Teaching Multiplication, Math Literacy, Math Education, Early Education, Teaching Tools, Teaching Ideas

Multiplication Tables Game | Activity | Education.com

Practice multiplication facts and geography at the same time in this fun third grade math card game.

Factors and Multiples Flap Books! Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Math Games, Math Classroom, Math Teacher, Teaching Math, Factors And Multiples, Formation Continue

Factors & Multiples: Flap Books & Online Games

Although factors and multiples are a 4th grade focus*, they are definitely something that we fifth grade teachers like LOVE to review. ...

Paint stick number lines~ A great way to teach the Common Core fraction link does not work, but pretty straight forward. Use paint sticks and write a number line on them, then use clip clothespins with fractions on on the n Teaching Fractions, Math Fractions, Teaching Math, Ordering Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Teaching Ideas, Dividing Fractions, Math Manipulatives, Decimal

Common Core Number and Operations Fractions Activities

Are you ready for Common Core? If you are nervous, please don't be. A variety of teaching ideas will be posted to make the transition to Common Core much easier. This blog post provides fun hands-on ideas to teach the Common Core Math Standards and most particularly the Common Core Number and Operations Fractions section of the standards. CCSS.4.NF.A.1, CCSS.4.NF.A.2, CCSS.4.NF.B.1, 5.NF.A.1, and more standards. Many of the Common Core Standards want students to be able to understand math…

Number Line Jumping: Great for teaching counting on, addition and subtraction and greater than/less than. Love the idea of writing numbers on the plates to easily change the type of number line - include percentages & decimals.

Number Line Jumping

This is a fun way to add and subtract simple numbers on a number line. This idea originated from the activity that goes with Hap Palmer's "Jumping to Add and Subtract" song (see below). Create a number line on the floor by writing the numbers 0 through 9 on cards or dessert-size paper plates. Use yarn or electric tape to create the number line, and place the number cards or plates about 18 to 24 inches apart on the number line. To add, have the child stand on the number 2 or 3. Then add a…

Vocab words - "We just wasted over a minute of classtime thinking and sharing about the word obstinate, and I have no idea if students actually understand what the word means. Here enters the game of Vocabulary Strategies, Vocabulary Instruction, Academic Vocabulary, Teaching Vocabulary, Vocabulary Practice, Grammar And Vocabulary, Teaching Language Arts, Vocabulary Activities, Teaching Strategies

7-Up Vocabulary Practice - The Brown Bag Teacher

Today I wanted to share about about using 7-Up to introduce new vocabulary. This is a quick and material-free way to engage students with words they are learning! When introducing a new word to students, our school follows Jan Richardson’s method. Then, we throw in a little 7-Up twist. It looks something like this –...

Oh No Fractions - free app helping kids comparing fractions visually! Students can make fractions and see their representations before comparing. 4th Grade Fractions, Teaching Fractions, Fifth Grade Math, Teaching Math, Comparing Fractions, Math For Kids, Fun Math, Math 5, Math Resources

FREE App: Learn Fraction Comparison with Visual Help

Oh No Fractions is a free math app for school age kids to learn fraction comparison with intuitive visuals, making it easier to understand fractions.

Middle School OCD: Throwdown Linky - Post It Note Division. Maybe we should try this Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Baum Teaching Division, Math Division, Teaching Math, Math Teacher, Division For Kids, Division Algorithm, Teaching Career, Teaching Ideas, Math Strategies

Throwdown Linky - Post It Note Division

Update 11/28 For more information on this strategy and a Flash Freebie, (sorry! Flash Freebies are over like that!) please check out my latest post and store. Thank you! ******************************************************************************* Happy Thursday everyone! It seems like it should already be Friday. One three day weekend and I get so spoiled:) Just in case you didn't check back in on Monday's post, Gus was found safe and sound! While I was cruising through the weekend linky…

Factors: This is how I taught my kids - they liked it much better than factor trees, when you never knew how far they'd branch out and run off the page. We called these "Factor T's. Math Charts, Math Anchor Charts, Math Strategies, Math Resources, Multiplication Strategies, Fifth Grade Math, Fourth Grade, Math School, Homeschool Math

T-Chart Factors - Teaching With Simplicity

I have been teaching factors for a long time now, and it wasn’t until I came across a picture on Pinterest that I had an Ah-ha moment! The T-chart! Why have I never thought of this before? I have always modeled finding factors by listing them horizontally. Today, I used this with my 4th grade […]