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Creamy Eggnog Squares

Wow, what a dreamy, creamy eggnog dessert from Duncan Hines. It is super easy to make & very light in flavor. My entire family enjoyed them even though some of

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Pomegranate Syrup | bon appétit

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Pomegranate Syrup from Bon Appetit has a graham cracker crumb crust and greek yogurt and cream cheese filling. To serve, slice pieces and place on plates. Drizzle pomegranate syrup over and scatter pomegranate seeds around.

Home Made Twinkies! They will never die! gonna have to make these

Home Made Twinkies. Guess I should keep this incase I get a craving for them now that they are gone! My husband has a hangup about them from his childhood, so I shall keep this pin handy for when he has the urge to glow in the dark!