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Saint John Chrysostom as a Model for our Lives Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Christian Warrior, Christian Art, Religious Images, Religious Icons, Catholic Art, Catholic Saints, Mary Magdalene And Jesus

How Did St. John Chrysostom Understand the "Wrath of God" and "Divine Punishment"?

By John Sanidopoulos St. John Chrysostom probably more than any other Father of the Church speaks about the "wrath of God" and "divine pun...

Άγιος Ιωάννης Χρυσόστομος / Saint John Chrysostom Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Orthodox Catholic, Knights Templar, Orthodox Icons, Christianity, Medieval, Saints, Religion

Άγιος Ιωάννης Χρυσόστομος / Saint John Chrysostom

О™.О’О•О“ОљОџОЈ Оњ.ОљО™О›О›О•О¤ О•ОЎО“О‘ОЈО¤О—ОЎО™ О‘О“О™ОџО“ОЎО‘О¦О™О‘ОЈ, О§О•О™ОЎОџО ОџО™О—О¤О•ОЈ О’ОҐО–О‘ОќО¤О™ОќО•ОЈ О•О™ОљОџОќО•ОЈ О‘О“О™О©Оќ, О¤ОџО™О§ОџО“ОЎО‘О¦О™О•ОЈ О•ОљОљО›О—ОЈО™О©Оќ Religious Pictures, Religious Paintings, Orthodox Icons, Kirchen, Byzantine, Catholic, Cool Photos, Saints, Byzantine Art


Το εργαστηριό μας ασχολείτε με τη Βυζαντινή Αγιογραφία από το 1984. Οι χειροποίητες εικόνες μας γίνονται με τη παραδοσιακή Βυζαντινή τεχνική με φόντο φύλλο χρυσού 23 καρατίων και χρώματα αυγοτέμπερας.

Icon of St. John Chrysostom - c. John Chrysostom, Love Your Wife, Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Icons, Altar, Catholic, Saints, Religious Icons, Religious Art

"Love your wife more than your own life" - Marriage advice from Saint John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople (4th cent): "Tell her that you love her more than your own life... show her that you value her company and prefer being at home to being out. Esteem her in the presence of your friends and children. Praise and show admiration for her good acts; and if she ever does anything foolish, advise her patiently. Pray together at home and go to church..." (link)

"When you are weary of praying, and do not receive, consider how often you have heard a poor man calling, and have not listened to him." — Saint John Chrysostom (c. Religious Icons, Religious Art, Happy Feast Day, John Chrysostom, School Prayer, Byzantine Icons, Johannes, Orthodox Christianity, Catholic Saints

St. John Chrysostom, the feast of John "Golden Mouthed"... w/ Mike Aquilina - Discerning Hearts

John Chrysostom born in 347, his father died soon after his birth, leaving his mother, Anthusa, a widow at the age of 20. She never married, sticking with the teachings of St. Paul to stay unmarried; she was a devout Christian and was very committed to her son; they loved…

SFANTUL IOAN GURA DE AUR: “Cel ce se invata a-l dispretui pe preot, cu timpul Il va dispretui si pe Dumnezeu… Multe se judeca numai din banuiala” | Cuvântul Ortodox John Chrysostom, Jesus Christus, Church Interior, Best Icons, Orthodox Icons, Byzantine, Art And Architecture, Fresco, Christianity

SFANTUL IOAN GURA DE AUR: “Cel ce se invata a-l dispretui pe preot, cu timpul Il va dispretui si pe Dumnezeu… Multe se judeca numai din banuiala”

"Daca ar urma sa cercetam viata mai-marilor nostri, atunci noi ar trebui sa fim hirotonitorii învatatorilor, si atunci toate s-ar rasturna pe dos picioarele sunt sus, iar capul jos. Deci, daca nu se cuvine a judeca pe frate, cu atât…