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SalzmanArt Illustration

The Artists of Salzman International and those I admire, Illustration, editorial, advertising, corporate, communications, graphic art, commercial art, applied…
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Mionetto Prosecco 25th Anniversary
© Joey Guidone - A brief animation celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mionetto Prosecco USA. The sparkling spot illustrates the journey from the vineyards of Valdobbiadene, Italy, through Venice, to New York City.
© Joey Guidone - Poster commissioned by CGTN China. Bringing cultures together, one dish at a time. 🍝🥢 Editorial Illustration, Illustrations, Happy Women
Cultural Fusion
© Joey Guidone - Poster commissioned by CGTN China. Bringing cultures together, one dish at a time. 🍝🥢
Conceptual illustration titled 'A Fine Line.' It portrays a tightrope walker on a sun ray, symbolizing the determined pursuit of the sun as a metaphor for enlightenment and self-growth. Conceptual Art, Tightrope, Summer Concert
A Fine Line
© Joey Guidone - A journey of self-growth, where every step is a tightrope walk towards enlightenment. #ConceptualArt #InnerStrength #Mindfulness #Symbolism #FindingBalance #PersonalDevelopment #SelfDiscovery
Illustration of Tianzi Mountains overlooking a sprawling cityscape with scientists on the mountaintops, symbolizing China's dominance in the global scientific community. Science Illustration, Fall Favor, Moving Overseas, Newspaper Cover, Applied Arts
Nature Index China illustrated cover
© Joey Guidone - The cover art for Nature Index China captures the essence of China's scientific prowess. The towering Tianzi Mountains stand tall, embodying its dominance in the global scientific landscape. #ScientificAchievements #IllustrationArt #ChinaDominance #ScienceIllustration
A surreal scene featuring a woman sunbathing on the rooftop of a Boeing aircraft in flight. Her relaxed posture suggests a carefree summer vibe. She holds a magazine, attempting to read despite the strong winds playfully tugging at her umbrella. The cover of Internazionale's summer issue captures an adventurous spirit, blending irony and aviation dreams Women Sunbathing, Baseball Pitcher, Boeing Aircraft
High Altitude Tan
© Joey Guidone - Cover art of Internazionale magazine. A whimsical scene captures a woman sunbathing atop a soaring Boeing aircraft, defying gravity with her carefree spirit. The cover of Internazionale's summer issue takes us on a surreal journey, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. Buon viaggio! #SummerVibes #AviationAdventure #summerfun #extremetan #boeing #boeingairplane #magazinecover
A conceptual illustration featuring a woman pulling a rope from a water well, which transforms into the nib of a fountain pen. This captivating image symbolizes the connection between creativity and writing, as the woman draws inspiration from within. The artwork invites viewers to explore their own imaginative depths and embark on a journey of expressive storytelling Creative Writing Inspiration, Soap Bubbles
Inkwell's Depth
© Joey Guidone - Unleash the Writer Within! Delve into a captivating scene where a woman pulls inspiration from a mythical well, as her pen becomes a gateway to imaginative worlds. This enchanting illustration merges the magic of storytelling with the fluidity of ink, inviting you to explore the depths of your creative writing. #ConceptualIllustration #CreativeWriting #WritingInspiration #WriterInspiration #CreativeWritingInspiration #Storytelling #StorytellingMagic #InkandImagination"
An artistic conceptual illustration depicting a man in a canoe, gracefully rowing through a serene pond. The pond is adorned with beautiful water lilies, and in the center, there is a radiant, luminous flower. The image symbolizes a journey of self-discovery, as the man seeks inner peace and balance. The tranquil scene invites viewers to reflect on their own path of personal growth and finding harmony within oneself Editorial, True Identity
Luminous Bloom
© Joey Guidone - A man gracefully rowing a canoe, making his way to the center of a peaceful pond adorned with delicate water lilies. As he navigates through the shimmering water, he embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery. Dive into the depths of your soul and embark on an empowering exploration of your true identity.
Fun illustration of fork prongs becoming spaghetti pasta I Am A Writer
Spaghetti Love
© Joey Guidone - Dedicated to the real spaghetti lovers
Illustrated magazine cover depicting a lighthouse shaped like a pen illuminating the night Graphic Illustration, Winter Images, How To Influence People, Message Of Hope
Illuminating Ideas
© Joey Guidone - How academic writing influences people and institutions in a positive way to change direction or reevaluate their thinking - and facilitates actual change
A young boy loving a wind turbine shaped like a tree Energy Art, Wind Energy, New Energy, Green Energy, Save Energy
Wind Power
© Joey Guidone - Wind energy is a green and sustainable solution that can help combat climate change and promote a cleaner, healthier environment.
Fun illustration of fork prongs becoming spaghetti pasta
Spaghetti Love
© Joey Guidone - Dedicated to the real spaghetti lovers
Conceptual illustration of a businessman moving to the USA
Choosing US for business
© Joey Guidone - Businessman moving to the United States
Illustration of human DNA helix made of people of different age and different ethnicities Digital Illustration, Stem Science, Science Art, Dna Art, Aesthetic Grunge Tumblr, Arte Popular
Human Genome
© Joey Guidone, editorial illustration for the Brigham Health magazine.
Conceptual illustration of a group of scientists making new discoveries 2 Peter
Science Discovery
© Joey Guidone - Editorial illustration for Discovery magazine. New findings come to light thanks to the work of team of scientists.
Illustration of traffic jam on the bridge Traffic Jam
Busy Bridge
© Joey Guidone - Traffic jam on a city bridge