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In this section we present you precious moments of our artists and artisans at work.
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many different colored bowls and spoons on a white surface
Shades of ceramics
a white bowl with colorful lines painted on it
early ettore sottsass ceramics
Ettore Sottsass, 1958
a coffee cup with trees painted on the outside and inside, sitting in front of a white background
an older person is sewing on a white cloth
Umbria also has an age-long tradition of textile production with decorations from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
a woman is weaving fabric on an old wooden loom with red and white yarn
a pibione from Sardinia, Isn't this the same as Boutonne work from Canada?
a heart shaped piece of white and yellow tile sitting on top of a tree stump
Handcrafted happiness :) #heart #love #artisanlove #handicraft
a chalkboard with the words to craft or not to craft?
U Create
To #craft or not to craft? #creativity àartisan #handmade
a person holding a pencil in their left hand and drawing on a piece of wood
Handmade tiles, hand decorated tiles, hand painted tile murals, wall tiles, floor tiles
Subtractive ClayTechniques
four hands reaching for string attached to strings
the living
winding and binding
The Art of Shoe Making Art, Youtube, Footware, Leather Tutorial, Leather Projects, Leather Design, How To Make Shoes, Shoe Last, Make Design
How was it made? The Art of Shoe Making
The Art of Shoe Making
three paintings are hanging on the wall
L'ivre de matieres & de couleurs
sketchbook - I 'd love to do this in my sketchbook - playing with colour - great abstracts
a black and white poster with the words, when you buy something made by a person there is something special
Bold Oracle Costuming
#handmade #withlove
Handmade fashion Seal, Electronic Products, Clutch, Handmade Fashion, Handmade
Land and Sea |
Handmade fashion
Sapienti mani lavorano il rame come hanno fatto per più di cinquant'anni..
Sapienti mani lavorano il rame come hanno fatto per più di cinquant'anni..