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Cardboard Tutorial

How To Work With Cardboard

I am very pleased today to bring you a tutorial on how to work with my favorite-est crafting material of all: C.A.R.D.B.O.A.R.D...

Recycled Art (high school)

Recycled Art

Remember that giant heart my students made out of cardboard tubes? Well it was taken to the annual recycled art exhibit I participate in and was proudly displayed amongst some really wonderful recycled art projects from local schools in the area. Here are some highlights (and if you didn't see our project, you can click HeRe to view it):

Fountain of Cardboard by James Grashow

Fountain of Cardboard by James Grashow

Have you ever seen a fountain made of cardboard? Probably not, or in most cases not as extravagant and awesome as this! James Grashow hails from Brooklyn, where we reside, and he has a wide range of projects from large scale environmental installations to delicate houseplants. With this in particular, I'm hoping I have the pleasure of seeing one of his installations in New York.

Cardboard Sculptures and Installations by Bartek Elsner

Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner

German art director and designer Bartek Elsner creates all kinds of clever sculptures using only humble cardboard. The pieces range from public street art, to large scale sculptures of trees, birds and even a gigantic internet device. You can see much more on his Paper Stuff blog and on Behance. (vi

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The Paperpedic Bed. Very strong cardboard bed and furniture.

The Paperpedic Bed

The Paperpedic Bed is a system of cleverly folded paper panels which connect to form an incredibly strong and beautiful cardboard bed base. 100% recyclable, a single Paperpedic Bed can be assembled to any one of 5 widths ranging from 120cm to 180cm in minutes. The Paperpedic Bed has a load capacity of over 2 tonnes. Impossibly strong, conveniently cheap and dashingly handsome, it assembles in minutes! Add The Paperpedic Bed Drawers to create useful, hidden storage and some extra pulp to…

Low Table Set  Celebrated architect Frank Gehry, who has work represented in the MoMA Collection, is well-known for his use of unusual materials. With his 1972 furniture series “Easy Edges,” he added an aesthetic dimension to cardboard. A seemingly simple design, the nested low table set is meticulously and architecturally constructed for strength and stability. Made by Vitra of corrugated cardboard with hardboard edges. Set of three.

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