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Toilet paper origami
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Toilet paper origami

Toilet Paper Roses

I recently visited with a friend that has an unparalleled sense of hospitality and a sharp eye for detail. One of the first things I noticed was the simple tissue rose that sat atop the toilet paper roll in the guest bathroom. I stress "simple"...but it made me feel very welcome. This is a typical toilet paper stand as we use every day. Nothing special; in fact, it's generic tp. Begin by pulling out a length of about 18". This isn't exact science, as you can always pull more if…

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20 of the best and easiest ways to make your bathroom smell amazing and remove bad odors as well to have your bathroom smelling the best.

How to Get Your Glass Stovetop Sparkling Clean in Minutes - MyThirtySpot

Glass stovetops can be so difficult to clean. I have a system that will get your stovetop sparkling in just a few minutes and with minimal effort.

15 Surprising uses for hydrogen peroxide [infographic] - Easy Health Options®

Hydrogen peroxide is a first aid staple in many households, routinely used to disinfect small wounds. But its uses go far beyond simply disinfecting a child's skinned knee. Hydrogen peroxide has myriad other uses. Here are 15 of our favorites...

Clean Your Mattress With Baking Soda Tips Video Tutorial

Learn how to clean your mattress with baking soda. You will love the fresh result and it is all natural and will kill the nasties.

Does Your Home Need A Deep Clean? Expert DIYer Shares 48 Must-Follow Tips For The Deepest Clean

If your home needs a deep clean, you need to follow these tips.

A Room-by-Room Guide for Lightening Your Material Load (With Printable Checklist!)

It's time to lighten the load in your home! Here's a room-by-room guide for thinning out your material possessions (plus printable checklist)!

Custom Cleaning Checklist

Have you been looking for the perfect printable cleaning checklist for your own house but haven't been able to find exactly what you're looking for? Want to use Flylady's cleaning zones but have them specifically tailored to your house? Or would you like to add a cleaning checklist to your existing planner or binder system but want it to match? Your search stops here! Now you can get your own custom checklist made exactly to your specifications on the schedule and with the rooms and tasks…

Grocery List Planning Pad, 6" x 9"

Our Grocery List Pad is the perfect tool to streamline your grocery store shopping! Our pad breaks out common groceries by section of the store so you can avoid wandering back and fourth between aisles to get everything you need! Specifications and features include: DIMENSIONS: 6" wide x 9" tall x .4" thick, 10.7 oz.

23 Surprising Laundry Tips You Didn't Know You Needed

So you won't have to go buy more socks the next time you run out of clean ones.

Handy Portable Steamer-BUY 2 Get 20%OFF & FREE SHIPPING

DON’T STRUGGLE WITH THE OLD IRON OR BE AT THE MERCY OF YOUR DHOBI - GET STEAM PRESSED CLOTHES IN LESS THAN 2 MINS WITH HANDY PORTABLE STEAMER! Neat and well-ironed clothing is a must. Whether you're a professional, businessman, or student; being neat & tidy is the modern standard you don't want to break. Looking ne

Cleaning Tip - Get permanent marker off everything with these laundry tips. Also Life Hacks You Needed to Know Yesterday on Frugal Coupon Living. Cleaning Hack. Laundry Tip.

Life Hacks You Needed to Know Yesterday

Life Hacks You Needed to Know Yesterday on Frugal Coupon Living. Why didn't I think of that ideas you will be using over and over.

Does Your Home Need A Deep Clean? Expert DIYer Shares 48 Must-Follow Tips For The Deepest Clean

If your home needs a deep clean, you need to follow these tips.

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Cleaning is a vital task and there are lot of house cleaning tips to get a clean house. These 31 house cleaning tips are all time best to make house cleaning easy.

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How to keep your house smelling good all the time naturally! These amazing fresh smelling home tips & hacks will work even with pets. Get rid of bad smells!

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The one minute rule is so simple it will blow your mind. In fact, it's the perfect solution for those of you who struggle with a messy house.

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Do you want to KonMari your home to get organised, but have zero clue how to set aside the time to take on such a mammoth project? Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or you’ve just got fed up of...