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four little red mushrooms sitting on top of a table next to each other with pins sticking out of them
Mushroom Christmas Tree Ornaments
~ S.C.R.A.P. ~ Scraps Creatively Reused and Recycled Art Projects: Mushroom Christmas Tree Ornaments
two small figurines made out of wine corks and pine cones are sitting on top of an ice block
Polish pinecone crafts. I can.t believe that somebody else actually said "pine cones + wine corks = 2 things I have on hand". I have a soul sister somewhere in this world.
a wooden shelf filled with lots of different types of wine corks on top of each other
Wooster Collective: ONE NOT TO MISS: Circus Gold Presents: Neighborhood Watch
wine cork
several different types of corks sitting on top of a brown leaf with green and yellow leaves
Playing around with the edging
cork mushrooms
a collage of photos with christmas decorations and ornaments in the shape of reindeers
50+ Homemade Wine Cork Crafts
Wine Cork Art Reindeer - Homemade Wine Cork Crafts,,
two salt and pepper shakers decorated to look like snowmen
50+ Homemade Wine Cork Crafts
wine cork snowman ornaments,
three red and white mushrooms are sitting on a brown tablecloth with gold foiling
I think the smaller mushroom wears the best.
cork mushrooms
a small wooden animal with a purple bow around it's neck
Corky - The Wine Cork Doggy DIY
Kathy's AngelNik Designs & Art Project Ideas: Corky - The Wine Cork Doggy DIY
a toy train made out of wine corks sitting on a white sheeted surface
Model Wine Cork Train Handmade
Model Wine Cork Train Handmade
there are four pictures of different crocheted animals - goodideasforyou Resources and Information.
Crocheted cork animals
two stuffed animals made to look like carrots
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Wine Cork Magnets, Christmas Gift, Bunny, Rabbit Ears, Christmas Decor, Stocking Stuffer, Wine Christmas Gift by MaxplanationPhotos on Etsy
two corks are wrapped in twine on the table
50+ Homemade Wine Cork Crafts
50 Homemade Wine Cork Crafts,,
a toy sailboat is sitting on top of a piece of cork next to a banana
DIY Cork Sailboat In A Jar
DIY tiny cork sailboat
two small sailboats made out of corks and paper on a white table top
Make floating cork boats - but cutting corks in half, inserting a coin underneath for extra weight, use a toothpick and bright paper for the sails...