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a bottle of wine next to a glass filled with white wine on a wooden table
Discover Cometa #Planeta on A rich, strong, dark lemon yellow appearance - looks delicious. The nose is full: herby, leafy, ripe initially, which then settles into that oaky/fishy smell of new world chardonnays (excuse our crude description!). The attack is thick, creamy, dominated by oak (like the 2010 Antinori Cervaro Sala) with an acidic edge. No fruit whatsoever. Quite a neutral flavour, it doesn't really stay on the palate. The oak and acidity remain with time.
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Planeta La Foresteria near Porto Palo beach Stylish agriturismo
a group of people standing around a bar filled with wine glasses
La Foresteria Winery in the province of Agrigenta, just a few kilometers from the crystalline sea at Menfi.
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A Journey Through Sicily
a bottle of wine that is sitting on a white tablecloth with the words planeta written in it
Welcome to Enotria&Coe
New wines from Planeta
two bottles of wine are shown side by side, one is white and the other has yellow
Planeta: la nuova etichetta del Passito di Noto
Annata 2011 - La nuova etichetta del Passito di Noto Doc Planeta
there are two pictures with wine being poured into the glass and an olive tree is in the background
App Planeta: la cantina a portata d'iPad
App for iPad
a large stone building sitting on top of a dirt field next to a mountain range
Nasce la quinta cantina Planeta, è Feudo di Mezzo sull'Etna
Cantina Feudo di Mezzo Planeta
several bottles of wine lined up on a counter
Planeta Vini | Azienda vitivinicola siciliana
Established in 1995, Planeta is a Sicilian wine producer built on a long agricultural tradition handed down since 1500 through 17 generations in the area between Sambuca di Sicilia and Menfi. Today Planeta represents not just one, but six ways of developing the territory, in six different settings. There are, in fact, six Planeta wine producing estates, each one with a specific research and development project.
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