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1036167 - Si echamos la vista atrás, vemos que los actores de Harry Potter han envejecido mejor que el vino

Haha they put griphook/ prof flitwick played by Warwick Davis twice instead of Serius Black played by Gary Oldman

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bleithe looked at herself in the mirror, squeezing the trigger. the bullet shattered the glass. it shattered her reflection. and bleithe muttered one word—"dead"

Grazie Newt...di nuovo a casa,di nuovo tra di voi!

Portrait of Eddie Redmayne in full Newt Scamander regalia, peacock blue topcoat, fringed scarf and all. ” He's in Hufflepuff?

DIY Tattoos (Stick 'n' Poke) More Aquarius, butterfly w H., star of david, lightning bolt,blade