Wedding moments

Matrimonio e non solo
38 Pins
the table is set with blue and white linens, silverware, and flowers
Il tavolo dei genitori
Il colore giusto è quello che ti piace
the table is decorated with flowers and greenery for an elegant wedding or special event
Mama casa in campagna
Tavolo sposi dai colori tenui e armoniosi
an entrance to a building decorated with wreaths and flowers
Autunno wedding
Allestimento con colori autunnali
an old door is decorated with flowers and greenery for a rustic outdoor wedding ceremony
14 Most Beautiful Ceremony Backdrops Using Doors
the table is set with candles, plates and flowers in wooden boxes on top of it
Insieme nell’immenso
the table is set with pink flowers and candles for an elegant wedding reception or special event
SanFrancesco a Monte Napoli
a long table with candles and flowers on it is set up for a formal function
WinterWedding ..Sogniando
Tenuta Donna Fausta
a collage of photos with flowers and balloons in the background, including an image of a bride's bouquet
Love Wedding
Il bouquet da sogno
the altar is decorated with flowers, candles and angel figurines for an outdoor ceremony
Duomo Caserta Vecchia
an altar with candles and flowers in front of it
Duomo caserta vecchia
a table is set up with candles and decorations
Time wedding
a table with many boxes on it and flowers in the center, sitting next to a stone wall
Time wedding
flowers are arranged in the shape of a heart on an old wooden bench for a wedding
Romantic Color
pink and white flowers are arranged in a wreath on a wooden bench with fallen leaves
Country Color Love