“Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.” - Masamune Shirow
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Discover a new way to cooperate in the crypto space, an experiment to go beyond the NFT industry, an unexpected collection of uniquely generated characters with a musical soul, built on the Ethereum blockchain.


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a black and white photo of a person sitting on a stool
David Álvarez’s ‘I Dreamed I Was the Night’ Illustrations - Hi-Fructose Magazine
a drawing of a man with glasses on his face
Halfway: [De]generated ArcFace - Hunter S. Thompson
an anime landscape with trees and buildings on the top of a hill that is surrounded by clouds
Jungle City
Forgotten city in deep jungle on steep mountain cliff. #nature #jungle #illustration #green
an abstract background with lines and shapes
Gravitational waves print
A print of a science fiction scene. A planet pulled skyward by its encircling moon.
the moon is rising over the water and it's reflection in the circular shape
Halfway: O Moon! the oldest shades
a tall blue building with a sky scraper on it's side in the middle of a city
Floating Building | Veerle's Blog 4.0
Veerle's Blog 4.0 | Floating Building
an abstract painting with black and pink shapes in the middle, on a purple background
'find' on Behance
an illustration of a man climbing up the side of a tall building with red and blue walls
Marzena Piekarska
'Flow' - digital illustration instagram: @thisismarzena
a car driving down a street next to tall buildings with neon lights in the background
an illustration of a man with his mouth open and teeth out, in front of a white background