Summer In Milan

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a white table topped with a black vase filled with flowers next to a framed photograph
Super lazy morning! Products: Colony tray and Tulip glass by Aldo Cibic
a person pouring tea into cups on a table
The Foxy carafeby Aldo Cibic prevents ice from falling out, while serving cold beverages.
two vases with white flowers on a wooden table in front of a blue wall
Inspired by natural shapes that recall stylized shells, Coquille is our new Story n.5 designed by Chiara Andreatti.
a glass vase with a plant in it on a table
That moment when the summer sunbeams enter and everything shine. Riflessi glass vase by Böjte—Bottari.
two glass vases sitting on top of a table next to a cup filled with orange juice
Relaxing summer breakfast with Dudù carafe and Routine glass designed by Matteo Cibic