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F/W 2018
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three tiered trays with flowers and fruit on them in front of a beige wall
Lunar Cycle marble and copper stand by Elisa Ossino and Titus III. glass and copper vase by Jaime Hayon
a glass cup with a straw in it sitting next to a gold ball and vase
Parure II
Snow white Dolce Vita stories by Cristina Celestino. Products: Frappè glass and Limonata Carafe
several glasses and spoons on a white surface
Discover our glasses to celebrate. Products: Routine glasses by Matteo Cibic, Tulip e Plume by Aldo Cibic
an apple sitting next to a glass vase with flowers in it on a white table
Riflessi tall transparent glass vases by Böjte—Bottari. This unique piece boasts a cylindrical base that opens up like a blooming flower to support any floral arrangement.
two round trays sitting on top of a table
The best way to bring festivities to the holidays tables! Products: Adspera I-II. centerpiece by Chiara Andreatti
the table is covered with glassware and other items such as a vase, spoons, and glasses
Detail from daily life with a great design! Discover our tableware collection, revisiting the classic themes of mise en place! Products: Dodò carafe by Matteo Cibic and Full Moon tray by Elisa Ossino
a table topped with plates and glasses filled with fruit next to a candle holder on top of a black surface
Discover our poetic and timeless design impeccable to enrich the holiday tables, perfect for the joy and conviviality moments! Products: Piggy Carafe, Monkos Candleholder, Adspera Centerpiece, Tulip Glasses and Tramonto Candle holder