Filippo Civ.

125 Pins
a person walking through a room with wooden walls and round holes on the wall behind them
House O - Picture gallery 1
a book shelf with books and vases on it in a room that has wood floors
1080 5th Avenue — Anderson Kenny Architecture
an open door leading into a room with wooden floors and walls, in front of a painting on the wall
delessert — ATELIER MKD
delessert — ATELIER MKD
a living room with two couches and a coffee table in front of a wooden paneled wall
The extended, enveloping design of a flat in Barcelona
an empty room with bookshelves, shelves and a bed in the corner that is made out of plywood
Thomas Bennen ruimtelijke vormgeving
an empty room with wooden partitions on the wall and table in front of it
an empty room with wooden paneling and glass walls
an unfinished room with white cupboards and walls
Galería de Reforma en Casp 63 / Carles Enrich Gimenez - 7
an empty room with multiple shelves and bikes in the backround, along with paintings on the wall
Anna & Eugeni Bach · ARTIST VICTOR PEREZ-PORRO STUDIO · Divisare