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When the Nature decides to sculpture
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close up view of some very strange looking plants
Lichens of North America
a large cactus tree sitting in the middle of a field
green moss growing on rocks in the desert
a large green ball sitting on top of rocks in the middle of grass and dirt
Description and images of Azorella compacta (), a native Chilean plant, provided by the supplier of native exotic Chilean seeds,
a pink flower that is growing out of the ground
Page Not Found - Japanese Maples and Evergreens
the inside of a tree trunk showing its rings
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a head of lettuce sitting on top of a wooden block
Su un piedistallo, gli ortaggi in posa di Lynn Karlin • Fotografia
an image of the wave formations in the desert
a buddha head sitting in the middle of a tree with its roots growing over it
18 immagini evocative che mostrano la potente resilienza della Natura
there is a large green plant in the palm tree
Palm tree spiral-shaped