Novità 2018

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two bracelets with different colored beads on them
Murrina con tubo conteria Jewellery, Jewelry, Necklace, Washer Necklace
Murrina con tubo conteria
Gioie da indossare Fashion, Beaded, Beaded Necklace
Gioie da indossare
Collana Murano Eleganza
Collana Murano Eleganza
Collana Mate Fantasia Bracelets, Mate
Collana Mate Fantasia
Bracciali Fantasia Beaded Bracelets
Bracciali Fantasia
a black and white necklace with a circular pendant hanging from it's end on a cord
Murrina Mate
Collana Vetro di Murano
Collana Vetro di Murano