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alcuni esempi della mia produzione di fotografia fine art
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there are many umbrellas that are on the street and one is upside down in the dark
many people are walking on the sidewalk in front of a store window with signs and advertisements
an abstract image of a person with a question mark in the middle of his head
an abstract painting with squares and rectangles in grey, red and white colors
an abstract photograph of many windows with different shapes and sizes
an abstract image of people standing in front of a building with orange and blue stripes
a person walking through a field with red flowers
a field with flowers and hills in the background at night, lit up by bright lights
an abstract photograph of a bench in the dark with grass growing on it's sides
two people are walking through a field of blue flowers in the distance is an open area
a field full of blue and green flowers with the sky in the background at night
an aerial view of a field with blue, green and red flowers
the field is full of blue and green flowers at night with an airplane flying in the distance