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Teddy and Victoire by lila-selle on DeviantArt

harry potter Sirius Black rose weasley remus lupin nymphadora tonks fandoms the marauders teddy lupin victoire weasley harry potter characters scorpius malfoy harry potter illustrations james potter and lily evans SIRIUS IS A SERIOUS HOTTIE

Draco and Scorpius by viria

Anonymous said: Hello Viria ! What are the differences between Draco and Scorpius the way you draw them ? :) Answer: hm, kind of like this? it was said Scorpius looked as much as Draco as Albus looked.

Not Slytherin? by on @deviantART. The sorting of Albus Severus Potter

I totally thought Albus, James, and Lily Potter would be in griffyndor since both Harry and Ginny were in griffyndor.