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12 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors | Easiest Indoor Herbs

Starting an indoor herb garden? Find out 12 best herbs to grow indoors. These are easiest to grow and require less care.

Plants That Grow Without Sunlight: Indoor - Garden -

Do you want to add some greenery to your home, but don't have much natural light? Don't miss out on this list of plants that grow without sunlight! They are perfect for indoor, low-light conditions.

26 Best Plants to Grow Indoors without Sunlight

There are 26 plants that grow without sunlight. They need indirect exposure, some even thrive in artificial light and grow best indoors.

How To Grow Ginger Indoors [Step-by-Step] - Top 10 TIPS - Top Inspired

Stop buying and learn How to Grow ginger indoors and you will always have fresh, tender, fiberless and healthy ginger root on hand.

25 Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water

Do you have a few favorite "go-to" herbs? Why not grow them in water and keep them close at hand on the kitchen window sill or right on the counter? Water-grown herbs are just as

19 Best Houseplants You Can Grow without Care

These 19 Easiest Houseplants are perfect for lazy, busy and newbies, who want to plant easy indoor plants that grow with minimal care.

How to Clean Indoor Houseplants and Shine the Leaves! Plus Plant Food Tips

Want to get those leaves to shine on your houseplant the natural way? Check out this post on how to clean indoor houseplants plus plant food tips!

11 Easy to Grow Bathroom Plants ~ Bees and Roses

Who knew that you could grow plants in the bathroom? These bathroom plants are easy to grow and care for. You can't miss these indoor garden ideas!

How To Grow Garlic In Pots | Growing Garlic Indoors

Growing garlic indoors is not difficult and you'll be able to get the supply of fresh green stalks, flowers, and even the garlic bulbs. Learn more!

Gorgeous Indoor Plants that LOVE the Dark

There are a number of beautiful indoor plants that do well in low light situations. Many are also low maintenance and thrive on neglect!

12 Houseplants That Bloom (And Smell Incredible!) ~ Bees and Roses

Flowers & Plants: Finding houseplants that smell good can be tough. Fortunately these flowers & plants bloom great indoors!

How to Successfully Grow Coleus as a Houseplant

If you love your coleus plants outdoors, you will go wild for them when they are grown indoors. Properly potted and cared for, coleus makes a beautiful addition to your houseplants. This article will show you what to do.

14 Best Houseplants for a Restful Sleep

Plants grown indoors bring nature into the home but do you know there are plants that can help you sleep better? 14 Best Houseplants for a Restful Sleep. Take a look!