A selection of whimsical bridal looks for modern romantics out there
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Accessories and hair jewelry for brides and beyond. Handcrafted in Italy by NEA•MILANO
a woman sitting at a table with a glass of wine in her hand and looking off to the side
Perfect modern bridal look with blazer
Bridal look with panta and blazer. Accessorized with asymmetrical pearl earrings and silk pocket square by Nea Milano
the back of a woman's dress with flowers in her hair
24 Low Bun Wedding Hair Ideas for Your Big Day
Dramatic bridal look with long skirt and silk top in ivory Jeweled Hair Accessories, Flower Choker, Silk Skirt, Hair Band, Hair Pins, Choker
Dramatic bridal look with 20s vibe
Long pleaded silk skirt with soft jucket in delicate ivory tone. Styled with enamelled flower choker by Nea Milano
a woman in a white dress is sitting on a chair with her hand under her chin
New 20s look with silk gown and silver accessories
Fresh bridal look with Charleston vibe. Soft silk wrap gown with low waist styled with floating stars tiara in bright silver tone by Nea Milano Ph. Kir & Ira Photography
Renaissance bridal look with tulle skirt, silk jacket and bold golden accessories Outfits, Tulle, Victorian Dress, Dress, Layered Tulle Skirt
Modern take on a Renaissance bride
Statement bridal look with layered tulle skirt and silk jucket. Bold golden accessories handcrafted in Italy by Nea Milano
a woman in a white dress with flowers on her head and veil over her shoulders
Dreamy pale and interesting editorial in ancient Tuscan villa by Linda Nari
Boho inspired bride with lace dress and statement Crystal earrings Instagram, Boho, Wedding Dress, Fashion, Makati City, Sensual, Moda, Exquisite
Boho inspired sensual Bridal look
Bridal look with boho lace dress and statment chandelier earrings with swarovski crystals by Nea Milano. Lensed by Irina Litvinenko
a woman in a wedding dress with a veil over her head
La designer di abiti da sposa Elisabetta Delogu ci parla delle sue collezioni per il 2021
a woman with long blonde hair wearing a flowered headpiece and a white dress
Hollywood waves with a romantic touch
Romantic bridal look with delicate lace dress and golden hair flower combs by Nea Milano. Ph. Irina Litvinenko