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Attilio Pusterla, Addormentata sul lavoro, 1892-1894
Pastello su carta, h 52x72 cm
a painting of a man sleeping on top of a table next to a sewing machine
Attilio Pusterla, Riflessioni dolorose, 1894-1895. Pinacoteca il Divisionismo
a painting of people sitting at tables in a restaurant eating and talking to each other
Attilio Pusterla, Cucine economiche italiane, 1891. Pinacoteca il Divisionismo
a large group of people sitting around a wooden table in front of a painting on the wall
Attilio Pusterla, Alle cucine economiche di Porta Nuova, 1887. GAM Milano
an abstract painting of snow and trees in the distance
Attilio Pusterla, Nevicata, 1885. Pinacoteca il Divisionismo