Costruzioni Grimm's

a collage of photos with toys and children's crafts
Arcobaleno Steineriano
Hai bisogno di idee, o cerchi informazioni sull'Arcobaleno Steineriano? Noi adoriamo usarlo a casa, e abbiamo tante idee semplici per prendere la mano e cominciare ad esplorare tutte le sue potenzialità! #openendedplay #grimmsrainbow
a wooden toy train set sitting on top of a floor next to a christmas tree
a child playing with wooden toys in the grass
colorful wooden toys are arranged on the floor
several different colored plastic buttons on a white surface
Arcobaleno Grimm's
Attività di classificazione dei colori con l'arcobaleno di Grimm's, piste e minimondi!
a child's play area with toys on the floor
Rainbow stacker with half circles
several colorful chairs sitting on the floor in front of a dresser with drawers and cupboards
there are many pieces of fruit in the box on the floor next to each other
Large Grimms rainbow 10670
a rainbow colored wooden toy on the floor next to it's matching colors and shapes
a rainbow colored wooden toy boat on the floor
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