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an old book cover with the sun and planets in red, blue, and green
a blue and white napkin with a cruise ship on it's side that says olympic san francisco
Olympic Hotel
Olympic Hotel | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a blue and white triangle sign with a red suitcase on it's back that says casino erdigett
a pink towel with the name hotel pension venezia in black ink on it
Abbazia - Hotel Pension Venezia
a blue and green label with words on it that read villa ker - mario
Saucy Signs from Belle France
french signs005
some type of blue and white numbers on a brown background
La Belle Brocante | Vintage graphic design, Vintage labels, Vintage lettering
an old chinese stamp with the symbol of yin on it's front and two symbols in
Korea Postage Stamp
Korea Postage Stamp | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an image of a man's face painted on a button
an orange and white stamp with a mermaid on it's back side, reads postmarke 10 ore damark
Denmark’s Post and Tele Museum celebrates stamps, postal history
an old postage stamp with the number three in red, blue and white on it
Danish West Indies stamp: arabesques
Danish West Indies stamp: arabesques by karen horton, via Flickr