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0. Montessori Psycho Arithmetic / Psicoaritmetica

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This is a great way to extend the geometry cabinet. Each shape is replicated by a set of colored beads with an amount of beads that corresponds to the number of sides of the polygon.

BEAD CABINET / perle colorate

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Tabelline psicomotorie Montessori – Lapappadolce
Protractor on classroom floor. https://www.facebook.com/WeAreTeachers
impariamo a leggere l'orologio


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Use the decanomial square for pre-algebra and to demonstrate algebraic equations
building cubes from decanomial materials
NOTE: If you are here looking for the upcoming elementary Montessori album reviews, that series will begin on MONDAY. Sensorial, sensoria...

0. Montessori decanomial board / tavola decanomio

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Montessori Math Number Rod Addition
Extension for Red Rods and Number Rods, includes a bit of patterning.
Number Rods and Table Top - www.mamashappyhive.com

0. number rods / aste numeriche Montessori

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100 Board - Aids the child in the development of number concepts and logical thought, recognition of numbers 1-100, and provides exercise in counting to 100 with the symbols. Prior Learning: Teen Board, Ten Board, and the 100 Chain, all of which can be presented simultaneously with 100 Board.
Montessori Hundred Board - Basic exercise (number placement) - YouTube
The Hundred Board In Our Montessori Kitchen Corner.  Part Of The Critters And Crayons Opportunity Learners Series.

0. Montessori hundred board / tavola del 100

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LOVE this and sooooo much cheaper than spindle boxes.  Easier to store too.  Wish I knew how to sew!!!
Montessori Spindle Box - A foundational activity in the Montessori math curriculum. Click here to find out more about what it is, why it's important, how to DIY, and watch a video of a child in action. (by Planting Peas) http://plantingpeas.com/montessori-spindle-box/
casellario dei fuselli


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Division Tables
Des liens vers des vidéos pour comprendre comment manipuler :          La multiplication :   ici  +   ici   +  ici La division :  ici   et  ici Je ne vous cache pas que je suis en...

0. MATH - division board /tavola della divisione

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Incastri delle frazioni Montessori – presentazioni ed esercizi
How to Use Montessori Golden Beads | eHow


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psicoaritmetica Montessori 63
Psicoaritmetica Montessori – Esercizi coi cartelli dei numeri
aste numeriche Montessori


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Cartellini in bianco per le operazioni in colonna
Numeri romani - esercizi per la terza classe - Lapappadolce


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Subtraction Strip Board
Homemade Learning Activities and Material Related to Mathematics.
Subtraction Strip Board

0. Montessori subtraction board

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A link for my reference on the progression and use of Montessori math materials from Living Montessori Now
Making Montessori Ours Education Printables: Montessori Golden Bead Materials Printable Package
Montessori Decimal System (Base 10) with Golden Beads

0. golden bead/perle dorate Montessori

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Bead Bar Addition (Complex) - Printable Montessori Learning Materials for home and school.
These DIY Colored Beads Are Going to Knock Your Montessori Socks Off
Montessori Hands on activities to help your students learn doubles. This material uses the color coding of the Montessori Math Colored Beads to help students with addition.

0. bead cabinet/perle colorate Montessori

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Peones fraccionados // Fraction Skittle
Manualidades Educativas: Materiales Educativos
We normally learn fraction in grade 3 or grade 4. It doesn't need to be. You can use this materials for years. From toddler age to 6 yeras old.   This set includes:  1. A tray for skittles  2. 10 skittles for fraction 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4  3. Cards for the picture of skittles and symbols

0. Montessori fraction skittles / birilli frazioni

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i quadrati magici
Ruota o mandala delle tabelline Montessori
Schede autocorrettive Aritmetica: sottrazioni. Seconda classe


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