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a paper plate seahorse craft with red hair on the head and tail, sitting on top of a wooden table
Seahorse Craft for Kids with Lacing Practice
two paper plates with handprints on them and the words, hermit crab inspired by a house for hermit crab
Handprint Hermit Crab Craft
the very hungry caterpillar name plate is made to look like it has been cut out
March 4 - 8; Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar
some green and red paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling in an office building with white walls
Welcome to My Eric Carle Classroom Tour
a paper plate sun craft with colorful strips on the bottom and face painted in different colors
Rainbow Forest
collage of different shapes and sizes of paper plates with crafting supplies on the table
Easy Shapes Collage
a woman teaching children how to make a spider web
Making our own very busy spiders and spider webs
a butterfly made out of coffee filters and paper with scissors on it's wings
Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft
four flower paintings hanging on the wall in a school hallway, each painted with different colors
Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed
a piece of paper that has been made to look like a spider web with an apple on it
Very Busy Spiderwebs
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Eric Carle Inspired Mixed Up Chameleon Art - Meri Cherry
two children at a table making crafts with colored paper and scissors on top of the table
The World of Eric Carle: A Kindergarten Author Study
a child's drawing of a smiling sun
Eric Carle inspired art (kids cut sun and "rays") finger paint yellow let almost dry added orange. Blue & white tempers paint to get light blue … | Art | Pinterest
the very busy spider fine motor craft for kids to make with paper plates and yarn
Top 10 Exciting Eric Carle Books for Toddlers
the very hungry caterpillar paper plate craft is on display with a book in the background
Paper Plate Little Red Hen {Kid Craft}
Art Lesson Plans, Middle School Art, Arts And Crafts, Art Lessons
Eric Carle-Inspired Art